Omega Works development

Why Omega Works isn’t included

A lot of people are asking about Omega Works and how it relates to this website and the Meet Ups we’re running.

In short, it’s about ownership of properties. This website and all the planning covers warehouse properties owned by Provewell.

Since the mid 1990’s Provewell has purchased various warehouses in the area. These include those along Tewkesbury Road, Overbury Road, many along Eade Road and in Arena off Ashfield Road.

The aim of this website is to involve tenants, living in Provewell properties, in how their immediate areas develop. 

Omega Works has always had different ownership.

The recent plans published for a redevelopment of the area were unknown to all involved in the Provewell planning team – first seeing them at the same time as many of you.

Because the ownership of Omega Works is different, it is completely separate in planning terms and consultation.

Omega Works and the warehouse living community based there are important neighbours. 

Likewise is seeing warehouse living in general be protected.