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arial perspective of Harringay warehouse district showing the roof tops of converted warehouses for living

Why you should know about HWDcomment

Since the 1990’s, Provewell has been converting disused warehouses for Warehouse Living. Harringay Warehouse District (HWD) is the largest concentration of Warehouse Living in the borough and includes a website run by Provewell

In 2014, Haringey Council were the first council in the country to create a policy that recognises Warehouse Living. This was a key change for everyone in the area as it legitimised the use of former industrial warehouses as a place to live. In a nutshell, it means that the council now recognise this lifestyle and are supportive of it continuing.

Within the policy, Haringey Council are clear that they are keen to facilitate measures that will ensure tenants are provided with the appropriate standards of living. This ranges from practical issues like bins, parks, pathways and lighting, and it also extends to aspects like additional warehouse living, facilities for freelancers and businesses and connection with the wider area.

Over the years, Provewell has developed the area ad-hoc – as new warehouses have been purchased new changes have come into place. Going forward, the aspiration from everyone involved is to be more co-ordinated in the approach.

As the area develops further, the aim of is to provide a platform and space for tenants to be more involved in the developments. Coordinated by a former warehouse tenant, James, the idea is to collect feedback via online comments and discussions at monthly Meet Ups. James is not here to persuade or sell ideas, rather he is listening to your feedback and passing it onto the wider team appointed by Provewell. After one month, there is already a lot of feedback and changes being made to proposed ideas.

Spread the word and let everyone know - we value your comments.

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