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What Happens to Your Comments?

Every month your comments are compiled into a report that is shared with Provewell and the wider planning team. Every comment is included along with the notes from the monthly Meet Up and any questions that have been submitted. 

Any questions or concerns highlighted in the comments are considered by the planning team. Much of the content in the newsletters and the updates on the website are created from the planning team’s response to your comments.

More about the comments
Compiled on 31 August 2021

To date, the HWD comment consultation has recorded 81 comments and involved 43 people in discussions. Many people attending the Meet Ups are representing their warehouse unit; therefore, we estimate that the total reach is c.300 or 38% of the Provewell Warehouse population.

The comments shared are categorised into three areas. The following pie chart shows a breakdown of comments based on these categories:

Sharing Comments
We cannot publish all comments, as not everyone gives permission for their comments to be published. We therefore share a selection to demonstrate the variety of comments received. This keeps the picture balanced.

In the right hand column are examples of comments in each category. 


Overbury Road Parklets:
“This is a good idea and should make Overbury Road look much better. We do need better speed bumps though given there are a lot of people speeding down that road, which will still be a problem if it is one way or two way.”
Unit: Rather not say

2 Overbury Yard:
“I really like these plans. What is currently an unusable space for most people, this looks like it will provide essential outdoor space and work space for everyone in the area.”
Unit: Overbury Road


Overbury Road Parklets:
“Great idea but hope we avoid the cheap wood and tacky painting of the prototype.”
Unit: Stone House

2 Overbury Yard:
“Having the planters in the middle of the yard would severely disarm many of the uses a clear, smooth space like that could have for future events. Having the pockets of greenery is great, but more towards the edges – keeping a clear space for outdoor events that are often put on by residents.”

Unit: Tewkesbury Road


Overbury Road Parklets:
“I don’t like the idea of storing the bins where you’re sitting. The bins get very stinky, especially before collection day, and are unbearable if the collection is not done that week. Would be horrible sitting next to that!”
Unit: C, D & E

2 Overbury Yard:
“Please keep the lazy tasteless freight container trend out of here. Generic b******t..”
Unit: Cotton Mill