photo of an entrance into Overbury Yard

Updates on 2 Overbury Yard

First published in August 2021, the plans for 2 Overbury Road have received a varied response. Here is a summary of clarifications and comments that have been received.

The planning team are keen to hear any new comments.
 View proposal here: 2 Overbury Yard

Studio Space

16 x work only studio workshops, all with access to natural daylight. Toilet and kitchen facilities are included. Internally they’ll be fitted out.

Modified shipping containers are a fast solution to an immediate problem. See interview with Ruth for more details.

The current proposal takes a neutral approach utilising a standard pallet for shipping containers. The proposal has a ground and first floor, without distributing the right to light to Stone House.

Social + Events Space

The installation of benches, planters and trees to create a mix of seating areas for people to congregate.

A new surface area will be installed. To add vibrancy the current design proposal is to use a ground work design commissioned by local warehouse tenant Studio DoDo @studio.dodo

To make the space usable day and night, lighting will be installed. Illuminating the Yard will also make it less attractive to anti-social behaviour.

Plans for a new pathway providing a cut through from Overbury Road to Eade Road Studios / New River Studios are on hold for the time being.

Selection of Comments received

“This proposal is really exciting! I would love to know what ‘affordable’ would be as a entrepreneur I would like to have a space to rent locally. More information would be useful.”
Unit: Overbury Road

“How will it be guaranteed that this space will be used exclusively by local tenants? And how would ‘local’ be defined here? Who would the rent for these spaces be paid to?”
Unit: Overbury Road

“Great idea. Affordable and unusual spaces are great for artists. Short-term leases good too. Love the plan to utilise Just Another Car Park and turn it into something that will actually add value to the area. Would love it if the yard could be utilised for organised community events too.. markets, food fayres, acoustic music?”
Unit: Cotton Mill

“Please no tacky garish colours. Why not something subtle like stone studios in hackney Wick.”
Unit: Stone House

“More studio space and improving this area sounds great but why the identikit London Boxpark vibe? Can this not just be the creation of some simple studio units and let the (creative) people who let them contribute to later decoration or aesthetic? It can be a bit run down looking but that’s one of the actual assets of HWD – it doesn’t look like the generic, corporate Instagram aesthetic sold to you everywhere in London. What does affordable mean too? I can’t find actual prices.” 
Unit: Rather not say

“Although well intentioned, it is somewhat sad to see another development of a space into a (quote unquote) kooky shipping container park, one of seemingly dozens that have sprung up. In the proposed render, HWD could also stand for Hackney Wick Dockland, and be indistinguishable from a “kooky” Shoreditch container pop-up that if it were the case.”
Unit: Arena

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