lots of cars parked on Tewkesbury road in Harringay warehouse district

Traffic + Bikes + Other Comments

There seems to be a lot of agreement that measures to slow down the speed of cars and bikes on Overbury Road would be welcomed. Where there isn’t consensus yet is whether changing the road to one-way would benefit or hinder how people use the street.

Please do keep sharing your comments on whether a one-way street which would allow pavements to be made wider and more accessible, would be preferred over keeping the road two-way.

“Really think this is a good idea and should make Overbury Road look much better. We do need better speed bumps though given there are a lot of people speeding down that road, which will still be a problem if it is one way or two way.”
Unit: Overbury Road

“Excellent idea. As a resident of 5+ yrs, I can attest that the traffic is unsuitable, for a variety of reasons, for such a densely populated community”
Unit: Ribbon Factory

This aspect is under review. The idea of bike storage is seen as a positive for the area. What has been flagged, however, is a concern that large blocks of bike storage might attract crime rather than protect against it.

Please do keep sharing your comments on whether bike storage for visitors is of interest and/or whether you would be happy locking your bike outside on a more permanent basis?

“Great and much needed proposal!”
Unit: Ribbon Factory

Other Topics Raised

Anyone can offer a general comment via, it doesn’t have to be on a specific aspect. Here is what has come through in June (all answers are from Provewell’s appointed team):

The cost of development is a separate to rental income. Provewell has funds set aside for developing the area. There is no significant hike in rent planned to accommodate the changes proposed.

Some reports of leaky pipes and heating issues were fed back. In the first instance these should be reported to lease holders and, if they’re not progressed, direct to Provewell One of the aspects the team are looking at includes a handbook for all tenants that outlines what to do in this instance or how to raise other issues directly with Provewell – we’ll keep you updated.

The team are very aware that the DIY aspect is what brings the character to warehouse living and the importance it has with tenants for self-expression. All of the plans intend to accommodate rather than exclude this characteristic. Current tenants have already been involved in the design of aspects and more opportunities will follow.

“Having spoken to the neighbours we all have massive concerns about the rent in the area being raised. The DIY aspect of the area is part of a compromise we make for affordable rents. Whilst the plans are lovely, we, as residents, do not want to foot the bill.”
Unit: Overbury Road