arial photo of Harringay Warehouse District

Sustainability Prioritised

It is clear from comments being received and discussions at the Meet Ups that sustainability and climate impact are top priorities for many of the tenants. These aspects are of equal priority to the planning team.

Here are a few updates that start to realise potential changes – expect much more to come over time.

Sustainability Consultants Appointed

The planning team has appointed two engineers who specialise in sustainability:

Judith, Expedition
An engineering consultant, Judith has joined the team with a speciality in sustainable and energy management. There is a strong commitment across the team to consider climate impact across the development of all plans.

Sean, Ingenium
As an engineer, Sean complements the work of Ruth with a focus on the implementation of sustainability initiatives. From optimising solar panels to infrastructure to recycle rainwater more effectively.

Two aspects are live on – check them out and offer your support, a suggestion or raise a concern by adding a comment.

Recycling Rainwater & Vertical Growing

Ideas include installing waterbutts that collect rainwater from the roofs of warehouse units, devising methods for self-watering to keep things looking green and utilising more vertical growing on warehouse frontages.

Warehouse Sharing Schemes

Ideas include a potential ZipCar/Van scheme, rental schemes of privately owned vehicles and bulk buying of products like compost for tenant use.