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Evolving Together

The improvements to Provewell's Warehouses is a joined up journey

During a consultation of this scale, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of all the changes. Aspects proposed by the planning team are open to review by warehouse residents, warehouse tenants and various other stakeholders from neighbouring properties to the Haringey Council.

Not every comment creates change – when comments are reviewed the planning team looks for patterns and themes. If there’s a lot of dislike or positive approval it tends to influence what happens next. When there’s a mix of objections, it comes down to balance between suggestions and support. 

What is constant, however, is that throughout the process the planning team are constantly reviewing how they involve residents and wider stakeholders in the area to ensure it is a joint journey. 

Points of Influence
Outlined below are key points of influence where comments by tenants have evolved the approach taken:

Following feedback online and via the Meet Ups, the original design was modified and two additional designs created to reflect different priorities expressed.

Some residents were unsure whether the Parklet idea would work in practice. Following feedback at the Meet Ups, the planning team agreed to add an additional consultation phase – with a three month trial / feedback period built into the planning application. No final designs / proposals will be produced until this trial is complete.

The original plan for Overbury Road included a large bike storage next to Catwalk Place gates. Feedback from residents was clear that a mass storage area would be a signal for bike theft. This aspect was removed entirely and other ideas are being explored.

There’s been lots of feedback from resident’s on this topic. However, one point in particular changed what happened. Following the first Meet Up and a resident walk-around, the planning team became aware of the intensity of the problem. The following week a one-off, private bin collection was organised for the whole street.

A post that is still live for comment on the website, asked resident’s what they would value most in the outdoor space, between the warehouse units. A number of the suggestions have been included in plans for the area.

At the Meet Up in July, the topic of security guards was discussed as a possible method for addressing problems in Tewkesbury Road. There was a strong objection to the idea and when this feedback was passed onto Provewell, the security guards that had been contracted were ended immediately.

Over the summer, a number of residents in Catwalk Place had increasing issues with noise from the courtyard. While the planners weren’t able to directly influence this situation, they did agree that any outdoor landscaping in the courtyard would not focus on additional socialising – instead it would focus on extending existing use of the space (green, growing, small group activity).

A lot of residents have shared comments about creating more green space for growing in the warehouse district. An Overbury Road resident also suggested recycling rainwater, an idea that has received a lot of support subsequently. This approach is being integrated into designs from Water Butts to Rainwater Planters.

Before the summer, a survey was run on the website asking people what they call the area. Despite earlier assumptions, there was no obvious singular phrase that people used. In fact, a lot of insight was gained from the comments – particularly around the importance of area names like ‘Catwalk Place’ and ‘Overbury Road’. This led the team to review initial plans and a new proposal is due out soon.

During the consultation phase on Overbury Yard studio and landscaping, residents of Stone House strongly objected to the positioning of a cut through pathway as it disturbed their garden area. The plans were quickly put on hold while talks with some residents in Stone House were held. A new proposal to re-work the positioning of the cut through pathway is being developed, this time not distributing any existing garden area.

The green that runs behind some of Overbury Road units received some attention over the summer from Haringey Council due to noise complaints. Instead of coming up with a design to improve the definition of what is warehouse outdoor area, a Co-Design Call Out was shared on the website for tenants to get involved with creating a design together. Designs will be shared in due course.

Following various comments at Meet Ups and online, an online survey was run on how residents found the steps that connect Tewkesbury Road to Seven Sisters Road. Covering all aspects from likes to dislikes and safety concerns, the survey produced a lot of interesting insight. The content from the survey is being presented to Haringey Council and a number of the suggestions are being included in a design proposal. 

As part of the bin switch to planned along Overbury Road initially, meetings various meetings are taking place to ensure the allocation is correct. The topic of communicating the change was discussed with residents at a recent Meet Up, agreeing the best approach together.

Extending Planning Consultation

Following discussions with residents in the warehouse district, two current planning applications have had the consultation phases extended by 21 days to allow more time to talk and clarify understanding of the plans.

What will happen during this extension

All residents can review the planning applications on the Haringey Council planning portal:

Eade Road Entrances

Overbury Road Studios

If you have any questions relating to either plan, please email and a member of the planning team will either reply with an answer to your question or set up a meeting to discuss further.

For example, the planning team are already talking to the residents of Unit C and will be meeting onsite to discuss the drawings in more detail. 

Evolving the Consultation Process

The planning team are also liaising with a group of residents who have raised concerns about the consultation process. This is about listening and reviewing to see where things can evolve to create a better involvement for all.

If you have comments or suggestions about how the consultation process evolves, please join the conversation and email