Recycling Collection Restarted

Tenants and businesses across Harringay Warehouse District have been campaigning to get recycling collections reinstated by Veolia (Haringey Council’s refuse collection supplier). This includes increased pressure over recent months from the team appointed by Provewell.

On Friday 25 June, in light of the privately arranged collection of all existing waste on Overbury Road and Tewkesbury Road, Haringey Council / Veolia have confirmed they will reinstate recycling collection after the 1 July. 

The Context
Recycling bins have not been collected from Harringay Warehouse District for quite some time due to a blanket policy from Veolia. The ban was introduced due to frequent contamination between recycling and general waste. If recycling bins are contaminated with food or general waste, they are not able to be recycled. If contaminated bins are collected, it affects all the items in that round of collections.

What’s been agreed:

  1. On Thursday 1 July, Provewell are organising a private collection of all waste / recycling on Overbury & Tewkesbury Road. This will create a clean slate and has been welcomed by Haringey Council / Veolia.
  2. After the street is fully cleared, Veolia have agreed to restart recycling collection – however, all recycling must be uncontaminated otherwise this agreement will be reviewed.
  3. Provewell’s team are hoping to change the bins to larger Eurobins (with lockable lids) and changing the layout of bins to help reduce continuation of general waste, food waste and recycling. It is hoped this change will happen later in the summer.
  4. There is a trial planned to combine bin storage with Parklets – this idea is still open for comment.

The support from everyone in the area to actively keep recycling uncontaminated is essential.

“It needs to be noted that if the recycling is contaminated in any way going forwards, Veolia will not collect recycling as it will contaminate the rest of the load.”
Haringey Council Representative

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