‘Protecting Warehouse Living’

What does it really mean?

Harringay Warehouse District (HWD) is in the process of being covered by Local Planning policy that protects warehouse living. But many of you have been asking, what does ‘Protecting Warehouse Living’ really mean?

Since the 1990’s, Provewell has been converting disused warehouses for Warehouse Living. Harringay Warehouse District (HWD) is the largest concentration of Warehouse Living in the borough and includes a number of units owned by Provewell. 

In 2014, Haringey Council were the first council in the country to create a policy that recognises Warehouse Living. This was a key change for everyone in the area as it legitimised the use of former industrial warehouses as a place to live. In a nutshell, it means that the council now recognise this lifestyle and are supportive of it continuing.

Within the policy, Haringey Council are clear that they are keen to facilitate measures that will ensure tenants are provided with the appropriate standards of living. This ranges from practical issues like bins, parks, pathways and lighting, and it also extends to aspects like additional warehouse living, facilities for freelancers and businesses and connection with the wider area.

Over the years, Provewell has developed the area ad-hoc – as new warehouses have been purchased new changes have come into place. Going forward, the aspiration from everyone involved is to be more co-ordinated in the approach. An approach that will build on and protect the way of life that exists within the area. 

“Having spoken to the neighbours we all have massive concerns about the rent in the area being raised. The DIY aspect of the area is part of a compromise we make for affordable rents. Whilst the plans are lovely, we, as residents, do not want to foot the bill.”
Tenant from Overbury Road

What impact will all these changes have on our rent?
The cost of development is a separate to rental income. Provewell has funds set aside for developing the area. There is no significant hike in rent planned to accommodate the changes proposed.

Will people be evicted?
Provewell’s priority is always to the tenants first. There are no plans to evict anyone to accommodate any of the developments planned. If, at some point in the future, a warehouse property is deemed unsafe or unsuitable for living, adequate notice will be given to allow tenants to find alternative accommodation in the area. Nothing would start until everyone has a new place to live.

We don’t want to lose the DIY aspect of the area?
The team are very aware that the DIY aspect is what brings the character to warehouse living and the importance it has with tenants for self-expression. All of the plans intend to accommodate rather than exclude this characteristic. Current tenants have already been involved in the design of aspects and more opportunities will follow.

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