Proposed change to weekly bin collection – meeting with Haringey Council & Veolia

Tuesday 11 May, Ruth (Campbell Cadey) and John met with local councillors to discuss proposed ideas for Overbury Road. The main topic discussed was around bins.

Councillor Blake, from Haringey Council, and Martin Lester, the council’s lead for Haringey and Veolia, were present at the meeting.

It was discussed that at the moment part of the problem is that the bins are being collected biweekly and recycling is not collected at all. As such the bins are constantly overflowing.

The proposed immediate change is to temporarily increase collection to weekly. Other proposed ideas (i.e. Eurobins) require further comment with residents on Overbury Road.

Martin Lester – the contact for Harringay and Veolia is going to try to get this implemented with Cllr Blake’s support – as a temporary measure.

Ideas were also discussed as to whether the start of a weekly bin collection is a good opportunity to create a clean slate of separation between general waste and recycling.

Currently recycling is too contaminated with general waste that Veolia is not collecting it.

Comment on idea proposed for changes in bins / frequency of collection on Overbury Road >>