Photo of Parklet prototype for Overbury Road

Parklet Prototype installed for comment

A Parklet Prototype has been constructed behind ExFed, opposite Stone House and will stay for tenants to view and make comment. This is not the intended location of the parklet, instead the proposed idea is to use them along Overbury Road. There is only one prototype at present, although the proposed idea is to have various designs. Planting is yet to be added to the prototype. 

Tenants on Overbury Road have limited access to outdoor space. Some of the units have developed small spaces on the pavement outside of their unit. This creates a tension with Haringey Council due to the obstruction of the public pavement and for tenants with access requirements. Tenants along Overbury Road also have issues with heavy traffic and cars traveling at speed around the corner near Milk café.

This proposed idea is a way to occupy the streets with agreement and permission from Haringey Council via a formal planning application.

Using a series of parklets and bin bays along the length of the street will free up the pavement. Parklets can be used to create storage solution for bins and provide seating for tenants to use and socialise. By planting in each parklet, more greenery will be present down the street. One of the ideas being considered is how to make the parklets customisable by tenants.

The proposed mixed of designs will be similar to the prototype. The designs will be bespoke, with no off-the-shelf generic parklet design.

To accommodate the parklets will require agreement from Haringey Council highways department to change the street into a one-way route. The timeline for this project is c.6-12 months due to consultation with Highways, tenants and local businesses. 

Visit the parklet prototype and share your comments here>>