Parklet Design + Proposed Trial

In May, a parklet prototype was temporarily installed opposite Stone House for comment. A good mix of comments were collected. While there is a lot of support for the idea of greening the street, creating more space and a change to the bins, there were also some concerns.

Through discussion at the recent MeetUp, it’s clear the biggest concern is the potential of encouraging unwelcome visitors using the parklets for anti-social behaviour. There were some solid comments supporting the Parklets and very few outright objections.

The next stage of the project is to trial 3 x Parklets on Overbury Road. The trial hopes to start at the end of August and will run for approximately three months. This is a chance to see what works, what needs changing and to get more feedback from tenants, road users and local businesses. The trial will utilise six existing car parking spaces (2 per parklet).

To explore what type of parklet is used, the following three designs have been proposed based on the feedback received:

  1. Modified Prototype – as seen by Stone House, with seating integrated but with changes to the design to reduce the height and be more permeable.
  2. Blank Canvas Prototype – which will allow tenants to control when they bring seating out
  3. Bin House Prototype – only accommodating space for growing plants, no space for congregating

Designs for each will be uploaded onto in due course.

Other Parklet Questions Answered

In short, yes. The design is based on allowing sufficient access. All plans will be tested by the council via the planning process and will need to achieve statutory approval.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful! It is still a key access route, so we need to find a compromise.

For highways to give permission Parklets ideally need to be in one straight line for road safety. Other changes are being considered for the opposite side, including:

  • Removing bins will create additional space on pavement
  • The team are looking at the possibility of more greenery on the other side using planters or in ground street trees.
  • There is a review looking into whether the proposed bike storage is needed next to Catwalk Place gates and whether it could be replaced with a Parklet

Generally, Overbury Road is not a heavily populated street in terms cars parking – often there is space on the street. The proposed idea will see a reduction in car parking spaces. However, there will be an increase in bike storage and a possible introduction of car / van sharing scheme. There is also a lot of support to push the area towards encouraging more walking, cycling and public transport use from an environmental perspective.

“Seems like a great idea! Would be nice to consider the possibility of some sort of roofing/rain protection?”
Unit: Cara House

“Also, do we want people hanging around outside our houses? Not sure the seating is a good idea. There are already groups of people hanging around which residents are not happy about, this could potentially make this worse.”
Unit: Overbury Road

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