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Outdoor seating

Outdoor Spaces - Ideas of What Could be Added?

A post about outdoor space has been live on HWD comment for a month now, asking for ideas and comments about the spaces in between the warehouses. The team are keen to understand what you would like to see added to various open spaces, courtyards and car parks across the warehouse district. This question is mainly focusing on the communal areas – accessible to all warehouse tenants.

This topic featured in our recent Meet Up, with people exploring ideas further and raising concerns about how communal areas might be used in the future.

For example, one suggestion was submitted about adding ‘Parcel Drop Boxes’ – this was seen by some as a magnet for crime and an alternative suggestion was made to create a better map of the area to improve deliveries reaching the right unit.

In contrast, concerns were raised about late-night outdoor gatherings in some communal areas. While aspects like this won’t be directly managed by the team, the landscaping and arrangement of communal areas can be influenced to help ensure the right balance is struck.

Please keep your comments coming.

Here is what has come through (well, the ones given permission to publish):

“Pizza oven, cover that you can extend out or retract over a seated area, a permanent fire pit for catwalk place rather than the makeshift one we use, power sockets, running water – a tap,more bike storage.”

“Potential small stage for outdoor performances – like dj sets and music and creative workshops.”
Tewkesbury Road

“Safe, covered outdoor fireplace”

“Rubbish and cigarette bins that are community-maintained would be great for BBQs outside :)”
Overbury Road Tenant

“Parcel drop off/collection points!”

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