Notice: Overbury Road Bins Are Changing

In June, HWD Comment consulted residents in and around Overbury Road on a proposed change to Eurobins. There was strong support for the change and the team have been pushing Haringey Council / Veolia to make the change. 

The council have now presented a proposal and will implement the change with two weeks notice, on a date yet to be agreed.

Before confirming, the planning team are keen to run through all the conditions attached and look at the allocation with residents. 

A representative/s from all Overbury Road units is invited to attend a 45 minute meeting on Tuesday 26 October, 6pm, at Eade Road Studios – please register a place below.

*We know the time isn’t great for everyone. We’re hoping at least one person from each warehouse will be able to come.*

Why Eurobins
Eurobins are more commonly used as commercial waste bins – they have an increased capacity more reflective of the waste volumes for multiple occupancy warehouse units. They also have the benefit of being lockable (via a key number code). Both waste and recycling bins will change to Eurobins. Food waste bins will be introduced later.

What are the Council Conditions

  1. Eurobins will be arranged into 5 x clusters along Overbury Road (allocation of which units use which cluster to be agreed with residents)
  2. No other bins type of bin can be put out for collection
  3. A bulky waste collection will be booked to clear all current fly tipping before the change over 

Other Changes from Haringey Council
Haringey Council have said they will also involve other departments as follows:

  1. Parking Enforcement will look at addressing the illegally parked vehicles on Tewkesbury Road
  2. Enforcement are considering using mobile CCTV camera to help identify/deter flytippers
  3. Highways will unblock the gulley at the corner of Tewkesbury / Overbury Road by adding it to the gully clearance programme
  4. Waste / Veolia will carry out a sweep of the road whereby all bulky items such as pallets, dumped furniture and white goods will be cleared *We are clarifying whether this includes resident planters / furniture*