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New Communal Bins

Changeover to communal bins on Overbury Road

On Monday (24 January 2022), the Provewell Team oversaw the long-awaited changeover to communal bins on Overbury Road. One of the top problem areas reported to HWD comment, residents have been asking for the situation to be improved for some time. 

The new communal bin allocation has been seen as a significant improvement by many in the area. The team have received a lot of positive feedback about the transition, which will now see the bins collected weekly. 

Getting agreement for the changeover from Haringey Council and Veolia has taken several planning meetings and a coordinated approach. Ruth, from Campbell Cadey, has persistently driven this project on behalf of Provewell. Her determination to improve the situation was instrumental to this change being made.

The new communal structure has seen a reduction in the number of physical bins (the final count on Monday found there were 157 bins, many of which had been dumped). The new structure uses Eurobins giving residents extra capacity in a coordinated layout that avoids any bins being outside bedroom windows. Haringey Council and Veolia suspended all collections on Monday to make this transition happen. The council also provided two street cleans to remove all of the rubbish, and removed 18 shopping trolleys amongst other fly-tipped items and old tyres.

We would like to thank Richard Gilbert from Haringey Council’s Waste and Street Cleansing team, all of the staff from Veolia who helped on the day and the wider Provewell Team – Ruth, Jon, Alex and John – as well as James, Molly and Freddie who helped communicate the changeover. 

What happens next.

A lot of people have been asking what happens next for Overbury Road and whether similar waste management improvements can be achieved elsewhere for Provewell warehouses.

The move to Eurobins and weekly collections is permanent.

The long-term plan is to use a mix of extended pavement locations and on the road in parklets / bin stores. This will create better access on pavements, improve access to bins for collections. It will also allow space to include food waste bins along with planting and trees to make the street greener. 

A planning application will be submitted shortly, with proposed changes being tested and consulted on later in the year.

A wider rollout is being considered for all of Provewell’s warehouses. Haringey Council are keen to review the success of Overbury Road first, and the Provewell Team will be liaising with the council about expanding the scheme.

A full overview of this project and future plans is available to download here.

Your feedback matters.

What do you think about the new communal bin structure? How has it impacted on you? Was it well communicated? 

Your feedback will help shape how future schemes are developed in the area. Please add a comment. If you like the change please let us know, as well as any other observations.

The feedback period is now closed. Find out what questions / observations were made and how Provewell’s team responded here:

Feedback: New communal bins







If you have any problems during the transition or afterwards, your contact for the warehouse district is:
Jon Hughes (Provewell)