Harringay Warehouse District Policy DM39

Harringay Warehouse District (HWD) is in private ownership and currently comprise an ad hoc collection of warehouse and industrial buildings of varying age, size and quality, which have been gradually occupied over the last 10-15 years by a form of communal living and working, which has become known as ‘Warehouse Living.’

Haringey Council Local Plan policy (DM39) recognises that ‘Warehouse Living’, whilst being established in an incremental and largely unauthorised manner, now plays an important role in the Borough in terms of providing affordable living and working accommodation for people and supporting and encouraging the growth of creative industries and SME businesses.

In acknowledging this contribution, the Council in their Local Plan makes provision for Warehouse Living on selected Local Employment Area and Regeneration Areas.

Within HWD site the policy seeks to facilitate measures that will further regularise and legitimise Warehouse Living use, whilst ensuring that occupants are provided with appropriate standards of living, freelancers and businesses are supported and given room to grow and diversify.

The ultimate aim of the policy designation is to secure a long-term sustainable economic future for each site that:

…’builds on the amenity being created and complements the unique character of the areas in which they are suited’. (Para 6.20 of Haringey’s Development Management DPD).