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line of communal Eurobins on Overbury Road in Harringay warehouse district

Feedback: New Communal Bins

Jon Hughes - Provewell

The changeover to communal bins on Overbury Road took place from 24 January 2022. Over the past 10 days we have been collecting initial reactions from residents.

A lot of people are really pleased with the change – from the improved look of the road to efforts to better manage fly tipping / bin diving. There were also questions and concerns raised.

We put your questions and observations to Jon Hughes, warehouse resident and part of the Provewell operations team. Jon was involved in the planning of the changeover and is now leading on making sure it runs effectively.

This is what he had to say…

Refuse collections on Wednesday
Recycling on Thursdays

“Veolia have said they are struggling with driver staff (C1 license) so pickups may be late.”

“The fly tipped sofa was from a warehouse unit and the council simply did not pick it up when arranged. I chased it up and it has been removed.”

“Haringey Council are going to be monitoring the area more regularly from now on. They will be using their mobile CCTV team and will be visiting the area.

If you see fly tipping or want to report it, you can upload pictures direct to the council”

Report fly tipping to Haringey Council

“The plan is to have allocated bins so that we can monitor whether the right allocation of bins have been given to each cluster of warehouse units.

If your bin is overflowing before collection days…please drop me a photo on email We can use these reports in the review with Haringey Council.”

“Haringey Council lock recycling bins to remove the opportunity of people dumping waste rubbish. We realise it will make the process of recycling a bit longer, but it does mean that the bins are less likely to become contaminated. When one bin is contaminated it means the whole truck load is put into landfill.

We are going to speak to Haringey Council and see whether any change can be made. I am also working with the Provewell Planning Team to see if the situation can be designed differently using the proposed Parklets and Bin Stories.”

“I am aware of this and have emailed the lease holder about this already.”

“Haringey Council have asked us to test the new system on Overbury Road before looking at bins across the wider warehouses. We have agreed to meet again in 3 months time to discuss.”

For all future bin-related questions please get in contact with: Jon Hughes (Provewell)