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One-Off Extra Bin Collection - Thursday 1 July

Since was launched at the start of June 2021, several issues with bin collection have been recorded. In particular, the backlog of rubbish on Overbury and Tewkesbury Road.

A number of comments have been submitted on this topic and it featured heavily in conversations held at the most recent June Meet Up.

Issues include:

  • Refuse collectors not collecting all bins
  • When bins are collected they often spill the contents
  • Recycling is not being collected due to a a blanket policy based on contamination with general waste

The situation is clearly causing stress and anxiety for all tenants. To help address the situation a one-off private bin collection is being organised by Provewell and continued pressure placed on Haringey Council.

Thursday 1 July

Provewell is covering the cost of a private collection of all general and recycling waste on Overbury Road and Tewkesbury Road. The aim is to get the bin situation back to normal and create a clean slate for tenants and Veolia (Haringey Council’s refuse supplier). Please support this collection by letting neighbours know and putting all waste to be collected outside the night before.

Agreement from Haringey Council & Veolia

Due to the commitment to clear all the bins and get the area back to a normal state, Haringey Council & Veolia have agreed to reinstate the recycling collections. Read full update here>>

How tenants can help

To support the case for the recycling to continue to be collected, a concerted effort from all tenants to ensure recycling is uncontaminated by general waste will make a big difference.

Change to Eurobins

A change to larger Eurobins has been proposed and is open for comment. It is hoped this change will happen later in the summer.