Developing Provewell Warehouses

Why a co-ordinated approach was chosen

Since the late 1990’s Provewell has been developing the area. Over the years they have submitted a number of planning applications, most didn’t include additional community consultation.

While it might appear at times to have been organic, Provewell has always had an expectation of how they plan to improve the area – from securing the status of residential use for each warehouse unit to developing various aspects of the site.

In 2015, Haringey Council created a policy that legitimised warehouse living. This policy designation, however, came with several requirements and obligations concerned with issues including the balance of living and commercial land use on the site, delivering access improvements, improving the physical condition and layout of the sites, delivering enhanced building specifications and amenity standards, improving servicing, and parking and improving the management and operation of the area.

In order to fulfil the expectations and requirements attached to this policy Provewell took the decision to appoint a wider team of consultants to work through the various issues and to integrate the requirements into on overall framework to guide future investment. The team undertook an initial review of the area during 2018/19 – involving a steering group of tenants.

In 2020/21 the team was expanded further, and the second phase of the consultation was started (via To clarify, the role of HWD Comment is to collect feedback and present it to the planning team, it is also used to share new aspects and updates – James, as co-ordinator, is impartial to the wider planning process.

For all of these reasons, the planners have structured a co-ordinated approach – led by Provewell with the advice from the appointed planning team.

Warehouse Lease Holders, Residents and Tenants are a clear stakeholder group. Their opinions and observations are a key priority as the area develops. Provewell is committed to ensuring everyone can comment on various aspects – both in person and online – as well as sharing concerns and priorities in general. All comments are reviewed and where concerns are expressed a review of plans / changes are and will continue to be implemented.

It is hoped this clarifies the context and rationale behind the co-ordinated approach that has been taken for the development of the area.

Stakeholders Involved

There are several stakeholders in the development of the warehouse district. All will be involved at various stages of the planning process.

Provewell Ltd are the freehold owners of the several warehouse properties and associated land in Harringay Warehouse District. Since the late 1990’s they have been converting warehouse units into living spaces through significant investment and planning applications.

As the local authority, Haringey Council, are a key stakeholder. Overseeing various local policies from the Employment Zone to the Creative Enterprise Zone (both of which cover Harringay Warehouse District), the council also has responsibilities for Highways, Housing and Crime amongst other areas.

Governing how an area like Harringay Warehouse District is developed are a number of policies from Regional and National Government. The London Plan, for example, sets out a series of expectations around making London a greener city.

Most of Provewell’s warehouses are managed via Lease Holders. Each lease holder takes on the responsibility of managing a warehouse unit/s for a set period of time. Often Lease Holders have invested time and money in a unit/s for several years.

The people living in Provewell Warehouses are the beating heart of the area. As a collection of people living in the area, they make up a significant part of the wider Harringay Warehouse District community.

Over recent years a number of freelancers and small business owners have joined Provewell’s warehouses as tenants of work-only studio space. These tenants currently occupy either New River Studios or Eade Road Studios. This will grow over time with the introduction of more work-only studio space.

Neighbours living next to the warehouse district are also key stakeholder in the developments. In particular, residents on the Tiverton Road, Eade Road and Ashfield Road. As well as other warehouse living residents on Vale Road and Omega Works.

There are a range of business owners in Harringay Warehouse District and alongside – some of whom have been in the area long before most warehouse residents. As well as new businesses actively involved with the warehouse community like Milk Cafe and Bring Back the Love to name a few.