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Bollard System installed at Eade Road entrance to car park

Parking availability around Harringay Warehouse District (HWD) is often limited due to people outside of HWD using the private tenant car parks. This is a long running issue and a number of attempts have been made to try and address the issue.

In May 2021, a new bollard system has been installed on the Eade Road entrance to the car park next to ExFed. The bollard is stationed at the entrance, next to New River Studios. The aim is that by restricting access to fob holders only, the car park will reduce in volume.

Emergency vehicles will still be able to access the car park if required.

To be able to have access to a fob for the bollard, your appointed warehouse lead / landlord should contact Provewell.

Comments on how well the bollard system is working would be useful. To comment on this system or to suggest ideas and improvements, view the aspects page here>>

Reviews of other car parking spaces in HWD are ongoing.