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photo of warehouse bins on Overbury Road

Bins + Recycling + Food Waste

A fact that everyone wanted to see changed is that Veolia, Haringey Council’s refuse collector, had not been recycling any of the green bins. This policy was in place for everyone in the area, regardless of what effort tenants made to de-contaminate your recycling waste.

To help relieve the pressure, the team organised a privately arranged collection of all existing waste on Overbury Road and Tewkesbury Road, paid for by Provewell. By continued pressure and conversations with Haringey Council and Veolia, an agreement was reached for Veolia to restart recycling collection (as of 1 July). This agreement comes with the heavy warning that bins remain uncontaminated which requires effort from tenants on Overbury and Tewkesbury Road.

Other problems with refuse collection, that have been raised with HWD comment, include:

  • Refuse collection stopping part way through (i.e. occasionally not collecting all bins)
  • Confusion with messages from Haringey Council / Veolia
  • Having to store bin bags inside due to insufficient space in bins

The short-term solution was achieved via a one-off extra bin collection at the end of June, which has seen Veolia reinstate the recycling collection. The longer-term approach to address this issue is to move to Eurobins. These large, commercial waste, bins will accommodate more refuse due to the efficiency of their design. They also have the benefit of being lockable (via a key number code). By moving to commercial waste, the team are also hoping that the frequency of collection can be changed from fortnightly to weekly.

The team are also keen to introduce Food Waste bins. Not the small blue caddy that traditional homes use, these blue bins will be the same size as the existing wheelie bins. By removing food waste from general refuse, it will stop most bins smelling and should remove the issue of contamination.

To make this work, units will be allocated to bins – sharing a mix of Eurobins (general waste / recycling) and food waste bins. The bins will need to be on the road to be collected, which is one of the reasons Parklets were suggested. In the short-term, the bins will need to moved off the pavement and into the street for collection days.

It is hoped the change to Eurobins will be later in the summer / early autumn. The situation with the recycling collections by Veolia will be monitored.

Other Questions Answered

We’re open to all suggestions and can facilitate discussions on this proposal at a future MeetUp. If there is enough interest from tenants, we could help set up tenant coordinated workshops etc.

The change to different bins and the introduction of separate Food Waste bins hope to reduce the current situation where most of the bins smell.

It actually means you’ll get less physical bins, but more capacity. Eurobins are much more efficient space wise and, hopefully, the frequency of collection will change.

“I don’t like the idea of storing the bins where you’re sitting. The bins get very stinky, especially before collection day, and are unbearable if the collection is not done that week. Would be horrible sitting next to that!”
Unit: C, D & E

“The bin proposals are supported. Bigger bins should be provided in specific areas including in simple bin bays with more uniform storage areas, working out the capacities of bins needed for each warehouse and having marked out / covered areas for bins to be kept.”
Unit: Ribbon Factory

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