Bin Collection Update

Overbury Rd, Tewkesbury Rd & Catwalk Place

The plan agreed with Haringey Council is to move to communal bins for all residents on Overbury / Tewkesbury Rd and units in Catwalk Place. Much larger, lockable Eurobins will replace the current arrangement of wheelie bins and they’ll be collected more frequently.

The team were hoping that this change would happen in November. However, the timing has been delayed due to the council’s supplier not having sufficient bin stock to implement the change all at once. The planning team, along with Haringey Council, are trying to source alternative suppliers. In the interim, a weekly collection of existing wheelie bins has been agreed. It is expected that the change to Eurobins will now happen in January / February 2022.

Twice Weekly Collection from 1st December 2021

  1. All wheelie bins on Overbury Road will be collected on both Tuesdays and Saturdays from the 1st December.
  2. This is an interim measure until the change to Communal Eurobins is implemented in early 2022.
  3. The delay is due to a shortage of Eurobins.
  4. Any broken or disused wheelie bins will be removed by the council.
  5. Please do keep using the council’s Bulky Waste Collection service to dispose of large items.

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