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Sustainability Study

various plants growing in a courtyard outside of warehouses

Sustainability Study

A key aspect being considered as part of the development of Provewell Warehouses is sustainability. Judith and Dan, from Expedition, have been appointed to lead a sustainability study. Judith attended the recent Meet Up to share a presentation and ask residents two questions:

What do you thing biggest opportunities are for the area?
Has anything been missed that should be a priority?

A number of topics were raised and discussed at the meeting. For reference, here is the presentation that Judith shared at the Meet Up.

To extend involvement, we are asking the same two questions in the short comment boxes below.

Please add your comments and share the post to help reach everyone in the area. These questions will be open on for comment on the website until 7 November 2021. 


Please add your comments below. These questions will be open on for comment on the website until 7 November 2021. 

At the September Meet Up Judith led a number of small group discussions. These are the priorities that were raised:

  • Thermal mass of warehouses – leaking heat in the winter + overheating in the summer
  • Support for the idea of solar panels
  • Interest in a rooted vertical planting if maintained (similar to Florentina Clothing Village)
  • Explored idea of a community compost bin
  • People liked Judith’s outline of Stewardship Fund for more organised ecological projects
  • Rain  gardens were discussed as a way of managing surface water runoff and providing green space
  • Pest control was raised as an area of concern
  • Some experienced poor ventilation, mould and flooding
  • Support for additional cycle storage but needs to be secure and discrete

This survey has closed.

Defining Space – Private Communal, Communal & Public

Defining Space:
Private Communal, Communal, Public

It is sometimes hard, even for other tenants, to distinguish between the informal boundaries that warehouse tenants erect between units. The outdoor spaces in front of each unit rarely ‘belong’ to the unit. Over time corners have been occupied and some great spaces have been created. 

To better understand how tenants view space around the warehouse district, the team have developed three terms that they’re using to understand these informal arrangements. 

Private Communal
The working definition of ‘private communal’ is areas of outdoor space that are attributed to a particular warehouse or cluster of warehouses. It’s deemed private, because it is implied that this space is only for the use of the associated warehouses.

In contrast to the above, communal is outdoor space that is free for any warehouse tenant to use. Use of the space could include socialising, making items or hosting events for other tenants.

Key parts of the warehouse district are open and accessible by the general public. Also, some areas within gates are used for public events when permission has been granted, 

The team are keen to know:

  1. How you differentiate between the three types of space – Private Communal, Communal, Public?
  2. Do you use any other ways of describing the different outdoor spaces?
  3. Have you had any problems with other tenants claiming ownership of a space?
  4. What could help improve the boundaries of outdoor space?
  5. Would you like to see more clarification of outdoor space – maybe including more support to keep ‘Private Communal’ areas private from others?

This topic is being discussed at the next ‘Meet Up’ on 20 July – register to attend.

Alternatively, add a comment, observation or idea to the form below.

Supporting Imagery




Warehouse Sharing Schemes / ZipCar

poster on a wall saying take sharing offline

Warehouse Sharing Schemes / ZipCar

The close proximity of like minded neighbours living in Harringay Warehouse District often means informal sharing arrangements are in place. It’s not unusual to swap tools, furniture, even the odd pot and pan from a warehouse neighbour. 

The planning team are keen to know whether there is interest in developing more formal schemes that share resources more collectively.

What resources could be better shared between warehouse units? Add your ideas in the form below.

ZipCar – Car / Van Sharing
First raised as a discussion topic in a Meet Up of warehouse tenants in 2019. The idea of counteracting the loss of some car parking space with the addition vehicle sharing options received a warm response.

The team are still in discussion with Haringey council, who are looking at sites for a potential ZipCar scheme.

If you like the sound of this idea, please do share a comment or raise a question in the form below.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor seating

Outdoor Spaces - what could be added?

“A lot of thought has been given to what happens inside the warehouses, but very little thought has been given to the spaces in between.” Chris Horn

What functions and features would you like to see in some of the open spaces between the warehouses?

Help the team understand what you would like to see added to various open spaces, courtyards and car parks across the warehouse district. This question is mainly focusing on the communal areas – accessible to all warehouse tenants. 

Possible Ideas could include:

  • Makers space – to accommodate larger construction more suited to outside / outside under cover
  • Electricity power points 
  • Larger communal dinning tables
  • More collective growing space
  • Scope to cover courtyard spaces for pop-up events
  • Add your own ideas below