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Communal Bins

photo of warehouse bins on Overbury Road

Communal Bins

Changeover to communal bins on Overbury Road

Your bins are changing.

All residents on Overbury Road, Tewkesbury Road, Button Factory, Ribbon Factory, Cardigan House and Cotton Mill will be changing to a new structure of allocated communal bins. 

This is a major change in how waste and recycling is collected for warehouse residents living on or alongside Overbury Road.

As of Monday 24 January 2022, a new structure of allocated communal bins will be introduced. 

This will improve the waste situation by increasing the capacity and frequency of collection (weekly). All bins are lockable which will reduce fly tipping and mess caused by bin diving. 

To make the transition work the following changes need to be noted:

  1. Only use the Eurobins – any other bin put out will be considered fly tipping and liable for a fine by Haringey Council.
  2. Allocated cluster of bins – please only use your allocated bins so that the waste team can review whether enough bins are allocated.
  3. Recycling – there are separate bins for recycling. Please avoid getting the bins contaminated with non-recyclable waste.

On Monday morning the Provewell Team will be around to answer questions and deliver a bin key to every unit. 

For full details about your new bin allocation visit: 

New Bin Allocation

Overbury Road communal bin layout

If you have any problems during the transition or afterwards, your contact for the warehouse district is:
Jon Hughes (Provewell) 

Seven Sisters / Tewkesbury Road Steps

bottom entrance of steps on Tewkesbury Road leading to seven sisters road

Seven Sisters / Tewkesbury Road Steps

The steps in the alleyway that connect Seven Sisters Road to Tewkesbury Road has a collection of unflattering nicknames.

During September 2021 a survey was conducted on this website. In total 97 people shared their thoughts, likes and dislikes about the Alleyway. Here are the results and the plan of action for the area.

Mix of Users
37% of people surveyed use the steps daily, 16% several times a day and 27% weekly. The rest used them less frequently or never for various reasons.

How they felt about the steps
35% of people felt uncomfortable about using the steps, 44% felt its was a useful cut through but not the nicest environment and 18% felt the steps were fine as they are.

Safety Concerns
98% had a safety concern. A significant amount of people directly referenced muggings, intimidation, indecent behaviour and crime. Other safety issues related to hygiene, toxic exhaust fumes and poor visibility at both ends. 

What people liked
The street art culture in and around the steps was a constant, with many asking for it to be preserved or expanded. Many also referenced its convenience as a short cut to Seven Sisters Road.

What people wanted changed
This is broadly summarised as better lighting, more visibility and cleaned more often. Some people suggested CCTV, others talked about putting pressure on the businesses in Tewkesbury Road and some wanted the crime / drug dealing removed. Finding a way to make the steps accessible for wheelchair users was highlighted, alongside suggestions of making them wider.


Response to Feedback

The planning team have shared the following comments based on the feedback received. As Haringey Council own the steps, there are some limitations as to what can be achieved:

As council tax payers, all residents can put pressure on the council. The planning team are also making representations to the council based on the feedback provided.

In particular, the following items are things that the council should be addressing:

  • Street cleaning
  • Crime
  • Idle cars / vans 
  • Bins / rubbish

In the short / medium term, the planning team are keen to find aspects of the alleyway that can be improved without requiring the lengthy process of full planning permission. In particular they are looking at:

  • Cutting back some of the tress and bushes that overhang the wall
  • Clearing all litter and rubbish on the other side of the fence
  • Repairing parts of the fence 
  • Adding mirrors to each end of the alleyway
  • Adding a light installation to improve visibility (commissioned by a local warehouse tenant/s)
  • Adding a mural to the the top half of the steps (commissioned by a local warehouse tenant/s)

It is hoped that these improvements will be fairly immediate.

There are some inherent problems with the steps – from accessibility to visibility. The team heard a lot of feedback and suggestions from the survey which cannot be achieved quickly.

As part of a wider discussion about Cara House Yard, the team are looking at ways of opening up the steps and properly addressing accessibility issues raised. There are no firm plans for the area yet. Tenants will be kept updated via HWD Comment. 

Quick question

We’re keen to know whether residents feel listened to and whether this update was useful.

Sustainability Study

various plants growing in a courtyard outside of warehouses

Sustainability Study

A key aspect being considered as part of the development of Provewell Warehouses is sustainability. Judith and Dan, from Expedition, have been appointed to lead a sustainability study. Judith attended the recent Meet Up to share a presentation and ask residents two questions:

What do you thing biggest opportunities are for the area?
Has anything been missed that should be a priority?

A number of topics were raised and discussed at the meeting. For reference, here is the presentation that Judith shared at the Meet Up.

To extend involvement, we are asking the same two questions in the short comment boxes below.

Please add your comments and share the post to help reach everyone in the area. These questions will be open on for comment on the website until 7 November 2021. 


Please add your comments below. These questions will be open on for comment on the website until 7 November 2021. 

At the September Meet Up Judith led a number of small group discussions. These are the priorities that were raised:

  • Thermal mass of warehouses – leaking heat in the winter + overheating in the summer
  • Support for the idea of solar panels
  • Interest in a rooted vertical planting if maintained (similar to Florentina Clothing Village)
  • Explored idea of a community compost bin
  • People liked Judith’s outline of Stewardship Fund for more organised ecological projects
  • Rain  gardens were discussed as a way of managing surface water runoff and providing green space
  • Pest control was raised as an area of concern
  • Some experienced poor ventilation, mould and flooding
  • Support for additional cycle storage but needs to be secure and discrete

This survey has closed.

New Events + Social Space

Events + Social Space

2 Overbury Yard

2 Overbury Yard is currently a dead end spot in the warehouse district. Hidden away and poorly lit, the yard attracts anti-social behaviour and is often used for flytipping and abandoning cars.

The yard is overlooked by Stone House to the north and Unit 2 to the south. Currently it is only accessed from Overbury Road.

In recent discussions with tenants there was a lot of support to ensure all units have access to outdoor space, which Unit 2 currently does not. There have also been several supportive comments about creating additional space to utilise outdoor areas. Some tenants also feel uncomfortable in parts of the area due to pockets of anti-social behaviour.

The planning team are keen to read your comments about proposed idea. Are the current features included needed or are there alternative elements that should be added?

Through the creation of more studio space, a natural courtyard area is created at 2 Overbury Yard. The following features are proposed:

The installation of benches, planters and trees to create a mix of seating areas for people to congregate.

Ground Works
A new surface area will be installed. To add vibrancy the current design proposal is to use a ground work design commissioned by local warehouse tenant Studio DoDo.

To make the space usable day and night, lighting will be installed. Illuminating the Yard will also make it less attractive to anti-social behaviour.

Proposed landscaping design 



Design Reference Imagery

Feedback period has now ended.

New Studio Space

New Studio Space

2 Overbury Yard

Based on previous conversations with tenants living in Harringay Warehouse District, access to local and affordable studio space is seen as a priority.

New River Studios and Eade Road Studios currently provide space at affordable rates. Since opening in 2019/2020 Eade Road Studios is now fully occupied and space is once again limited. 

2 Overbury Yard proposal aims to create new work-only studio space utilising upcycled shipping containers. The planning team are working with Container City who have been working with shipping containers since 1998.

Affordability is a priority and all current leases are offered on a month-by-month basis, they can be sublet if need be for gaps in working and they are priced by comparing to local providers.

The planning team are keen to read your comments about the proposal for more affordable studio space and whether the proposed design meets your local needs.

Workshop Studio Space
The proposed arrangement would create 16 x studio workshops, all with access to natural daylight. Toilet and kitchen facilities are included. Internally they’ll be fitted out.

Upcycled Shipping Containers
Modified shipping containers are a fast solution to an immediate problem. They can be installed in a matter of days and, from a sustainability perspective, they have a low embodied carbon and are less destructive than building from scratch. 

Design, Look + Feel
The current proposal takes a neutral approach utilising a standard pallet for shipping containers. The layout creates space to store the Getir bikes and creates a natural courtyard. The proposal has a ground and first floor, without distributing the right to light to Stone House.

Supporting Imagery



Feedback period has now ended.

2 Overbury Yard

2 Overbury Yard

UPDATE (17 August 2021)
Following feedback from the original post, this page has been updated to provide more context on the reasons behind the proposal.

The yard located behind Unit 2 and Milk Cafe on Overbury Road has received little attention in general. Currently seen as a magnet for anti-social behaviour and a lot of abandoned cars, the yard is unwelcoming and under-utilsed.

The proposed idea focuses on the need to increase space for local tenants to access affordable workshops and studio space close to where they live. 

The design currently includes the use of upcycled shipping containers, a low impact structural solution that can be implemented quickly to address the current lack of workshop space.

In addition to the proposed 16 work-only workshop studios, the area will be landscaped with benches, planters and improved lighting to make the area usable for tenants and events.

This is a consultation on the proposed elements. Your comments help shape what is eventually implemented. 

Affordable Workshop Studios
Studio space to rent on a rolling month-by-month contract is limited across Harringay Warehouse District. The opportunity to be able to rent affordable studio space locally is seen as a priority. The current plan will create 16 x new workshops. 

Outdoor Space
Comments via this site have expressed a desire for all warehouse units to have access to more outdoor space. The Yard is not currently used for much and this is an opportunity to give tenants more outdoor space. 

Other Facilities
Discrete storage for the Getir bikes would be provided. New lighting will be added to ensure the space is well lit.

New Access Route
A proposed idea is to create a cut through, connecting Overbury Road more directly to Eade Road Studios and New River Studios. This aspect of the proposal is on hold for now.



Supporting Imagery

undeveloped yard behind unit 2 Overbury road
view of 2 Overbury Road yard

Defining Space – Private Communal, Communal & Public

Defining Space:
Private Communal, Communal, Public

It is sometimes hard, even for other tenants, to distinguish between the informal boundaries that warehouse tenants erect between units. The outdoor spaces in front of each unit rarely ‘belong’ to the unit. Over time corners have been occupied and some great spaces have been created. 

To better understand how tenants view space around the warehouse district, the team have developed three terms that they’re using to understand these informal arrangements. 

Private Communal
The working definition of ‘private communal’ is areas of outdoor space that are attributed to a particular warehouse or cluster of warehouses. It’s deemed private, because it is implied that this space is only for the use of the associated warehouses.

In contrast to the above, communal is outdoor space that is free for any warehouse tenant to use. Use of the space could include socialising, making items or hosting events for other tenants.

Key parts of the warehouse district are open and accessible by the general public. Also, some areas within gates are used for public events when permission has been granted, 

The team are keen to know:

  1. How you differentiate between the three types of space – Private Communal, Communal, Public?
  2. Do you use any other ways of describing the different outdoor spaces?
  3. Have you had any problems with other tenants claiming ownership of a space?
  4. What could help improve the boundaries of outdoor space?
  5. Would you like to see more clarification of outdoor space – maybe including more support to keep ‘Private Communal’ areas private from others?

This topic is being discussed at the next ‘Meet Up’ on 20 July – register to attend.

Alternatively, add a comment, observation or idea to the form below.

Supporting Imagery




Recycling Rainwater & Vertical Growing

various plants growing in a courtyard outside of warehouses

Recycling Rainwater & Vertical Growing

An idea that had been discussed by the warehouse planning team was brought back to life when a recent comment was submitted to

“To add more greenery we could use the walls of the buildings. I recently collected some rain water from the drain pipe when it was raining and was astounded at how much water passes the roof of Overbury road warehouses – enough to water a huge garden all year round!”
Unit: Overbury Road

Given the increase in plant and veg growing across the warehouse district in recent years, the team are really keen to explore ideas for recycling the rainwater from the roofs of units.

Proposed Ideas

  1. Installing waterbutts that collect rainwater from the roofs of warehouse units
  2. Devise methods for self-watering to keep everything looking green
  3. Utilise more of the warehouse frontages by installing vertical growing plant boxes – the team are in discussions with Growing Revolution who make 100% recycled self-watering plant boxes.

Let us know what you think. Add your comments and ideas via the form below.

Supporting Imagery




Tewkesbury Road Open Space

view of warehouse units with an overgrow plot of grass in front

Tewkesbury Road Open Space

Tewkesbury Road Open Space consists of an open park and a basket ball court. Owned by Haringey Council, the area is for the local community to use – both warehouse tenants and residents living nearby. This is actually the largest plot of green space in the warehouse district, yet it appears under-utilised by both warehouse tenants and local residents.

There has been tension with Haringey council and local residents on and off for years. This partly due to noise complaints and creeping boundaries (on paper the warehouse footprint should only be c.1m from each unit). 

If we can get some consensus, a proposal can be drawn up and put to Haringey Council and Provewell for investment to improve the green space for everyone.

In particular, the team are keen to know your thoughts on:

  1. Why the green space is under-utilised?
  2. What changes would make it more welcoming?
  3. Events and gatherings that could utilise the space?
  4. How the boundary between warehouse units and the general park users could be better defined?
  5. And really importantly, what can be done to build better connections with the neighbouring residents of Tiverton Road?

Supporting Imagery





Warehouse Sharing Schemes / ZipCar

poster on a wall saying take sharing offline

Warehouse Sharing Schemes / ZipCar

The close proximity of like minded neighbours living in Harringay Warehouse District often means informal sharing arrangements are in place. It’s not unusual to swap tools, furniture, even the odd pot and pan from a warehouse neighbour. 

The planning team are keen to know whether there is interest in developing more formal schemes that share resources more collectively.

What resources could be better shared between warehouse units? Add your ideas in the form below.

ZipCar – Car / Van Sharing
First raised as a discussion topic in a Meet Up of warehouse tenants in 2019. The idea of counteracting the loss of some car parking space with the addition vehicle sharing options received a warm response.

The team are still in discussion with Haringey council, who are looking at sites for a potential ZipCar scheme.

If you like the sound of this idea, please do share a comment or raise a question in the form below.