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Since the 1990’s, Provewell has been converting disused warehouses for warehouse living. 

Harringay Warehouse District (HWD) is the largest concentration of warehouse living and includes a website run by Provewell

The following people have all been appointed by Provewell to oversee the Local Planning process.


John is project managing all aspects of the work across Harringay Warehouse District. He is often seen around HWD.

Chris Horn Associates 

A strategic planning adviser, Chris acts as a representative of Provewell managing key relationships within Haringey Council. Chris was also closely involved in the consultation with tenants in 2019.


Jennifer and the team at Tibbalds have developed a framework for the development of HWD. A requirement stipulated by Haringey Council’s Local Planning policy for legitimatising ‘Warehouse Living’ (DM39). The framework is a planning document created via consultation with tenants in 2019.

Ruth, Andrew, Guiseppe  & Franca
Campbell Cadey

Landscape designers, Campbell Cadey, are collaborating on various proposed aspects for Harringay Warehouse District. They are joined by Guiseppe and Franca. 

Judith & Dan

Engineering consultants, Judith & Dan have joined the team with a speciality in sustainable and energy management. There is a strong commitment across the team to consider climate impact across the development of all plans.


As an engineer, Sean complements the work of Ruth & Dan with a focus on the implementation of sustainability initiatives. From optimising solar panels to infrastructure to recycle rainwater more effectively.

William Paul Architecture

Will’s practice is responsible for the development of existing warehouse units. He will also lead on the designs for any new warehouse living properties to be developed in the area. 

Past Contributors to HWD Comment

The following people were involved in the initial phase of the consultation in 2021. Covering various aspects, including Overbury Road, Overbury Yard and Unit M in Arena. They are no longer actively involved in ongoing consultations.


James is a former warehouse tenant (3 Overbury Rd), from where he started his business West Creative in 2013. James led the consultation for the first phase in 2021. He aimed to help make all tenants aware of ideas being proposed and create space for comments / discussion.


Carolina is a current tenant and visual artist and has lived on Overbury Road for over 12 years. Carolina supported HWD Comment during the first phase of consultation in 2021, with help coordinaing various aspects from leaflet distribution to communications.


Freddie is an international photographer, videographer, editor and colourist. She lives on Overbury Road. During the first phase of consultation in 2021 Freddie contributed photos to help illustrate different aspects of HWD Comment.


Austen runs a visual content creation company, delivering video production to photography services. He lives in Cara House. During the first phase of consultation in 2021 Austen contributed photos to help illustrate different aspects of HWD Comment.