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September Meet Up

Open session @ Eade Road Studios

This monthly Meet Up is focusing on sustainability and exploring ideas to improve the sustainability standards of existing units.

Sustainability has featured heavily in many discussions, with tenants prioritising actions relating to climate impact. Last month we shared news of the appointment of Judith & Dan, from Expedition, who specialise in sustainability from an engineering perspective. 

Join this Meet Up to hear more about the planning teams current thinking and contribute to the discussion. The session will be facilitated by James.

The purpose of each Meet Up is to:

  • Listen to comments, concerns, ideas and discussions
  • Explore alterations and alternative ideas
  • Clarify and respond to specific questions

Everyone’s opinion is valid and everyone will have space to speak.

Tuesday 28 September 2021
19:00 (1.5hrs) // Eade Road Studios // Registration Required

Discussion Topics:

  • How to make the warehouses more sustainable
  • Understanding problems / limitations of existing units
  • Ideas for the area relating to sustainability
  • The planning team will also be available to discuss other aspects including ideas for 2 Overbury Yard, Tewkesbury Road Open Space etc.
  • You can raise any topic for discussion during the registration process