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July Meet Up.

Should every warehouse have access to outdoor space?​

This monthly Meet Up will focus on various ideas proposed and themes emerging from the previous Meet Up. The session will be facilitated by James.

Ruth, from Campbell Cadey, will attend to provide additional details on each aspect

The purpose of each Meet Up is to:

  • Listen to comments, concerns, ideas and discussions
  • Explore alterations and alternative ideas
  • Clarify and respond to specific questions

Everyone’s opinion is valid and everyone will have space speak.

Tuesday 20 July 2021
17:30 (1.5hrs) // Eade Road Studios // Registration Required

Discussion Topics:

  • Defining Space 
    Looking at a proposal for allocating outdoor space to ensure every warehouse has an outdoor area. 
  • Outdoor Features 
    Hearing your thoughts on what additional features could be added outdoors.
  • Cars
    Your thoughts on whether there are too many parked between warehouses + car / van sharing scheme. 
  • Anti-social behaviour
    Responding to concerns from the previous Meet Up.
  • + any other topics proposed (add in form below)