What is the Warehouse area called?

In July 2021, a month-long poll was run on the topic of ‘What the area is called?’. For years everyone has called the area something different. The planning team asked HWD Comment to run the poll to see if there is a consensus.

Specifically focusing on the warehouse units owned by Provewell, as opposed to other warehouse clusters like Fountayne Road for example.

In total 253 people took part, representing an estimated 32% of the warehouse district population.

What Next?

This poll is useful food for thought.

It suggests that Harringay Warehouse District has a fair amount of support in the area – achieving 28% of the first poll – and only 12% outright objection in the second poll.

However, this was a poll rather than a scientific study. The results have been shared in the most recent newsletter and a comment box added below. If you have additional feedback you’d like to give, please do respond over the next few weeks.

The Results

First, we asked ‘What do you call the area?’ (using a drop down list). The option of adding something different was included with answers like (‘No name, just our street names’, ‘Artists warehouses’, ‘That bit by the new river’ and a few we couldn’t publish!).

Poll results on what the Haringey warehouse area is called

Second, we asked ‘how do you feel about the area being named Harringay Warehouse District?’ on Google Maps and Wikipedia:

Harringay Warehouse District poll pie chart

Feedback period has now ended.