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various plants growing in a courtyard outside of warehouses

Sustainability Study

A key aspect being considered as part of the development of Provewell Warehouses is sustainability. Judith and Dan, from Expedition, have been appointed to lead a sustainability study. Judith attended the recent Meet Up to share a presentation and ask residents two questions:

What do you thing biggest opportunities are for the area?
Has anything been missed that should be a priority?

A number of topics were raised and discussed at the meeting. For reference, here is the presentation that Judith shared at the Meet Up.

To extend involvement, we are asking the same two questions in the short comment boxes below.

Please add your comments and share the post to help reach everyone in the area. These questions will be open on for comment on the website until 7 November 2021. 


Please add your comments below. These questions will be open on for comment on the website until 7 November 2021. 

At the September Meet Up Judith led a number of small group discussions. These are the priorities that were raised:

  • Thermal mass of warehouses – leaking heat in the winter + overheating in the summer
  • Support for the idea of solar panels
  • Interest in a rooted vertical planting if maintained (similar to Florentina Clothing Village)
  • Explored idea of a community compost bin
  • People liked Judith’s outline of Stewardship Fund for more organised ecological projects
  • Rain  gardens were discussed as a way of managing surface water runoff and providing green space
  • Pest control was raised as an area of concern
  • Some experienced poor ventilation, mould and flooding
  • Support for additional cycle storage but needs to be secure and discrete

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