various plants growing in a courtyard outside of warehouses

Recycling Rainwater & Vertical Growing

An idea that had been discussed by the warehouse planning team was brought back to life when a recent comment was submitted to

“To add more greenery we could use the walls of the buildings. I recently collected some rain water from the drain pipe when it was raining and was astounded at how much water passes the roof of Overbury road warehouses – enough to water a huge garden all year round!”
Unit: Overbury Road

Given the increase in plant and veg growing across the warehouse district in recent years, the team are really keen to explore ideas for recycling the rainwater from the roofs of units.

Proposed Ideas

  1. Installing waterbutts that collect rainwater from the roofs of warehouse units
  2. Devise methods for self-watering to keep everything looking green
  3. Utilise more of the warehouse frontages by installing vertical growing plant boxes – the team are in discussions with Growing Revolution who make 100% recycled self-watering plant boxes.

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