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Traffic on Overbury Road

Overbury Road is unique amongst HWD as it runs alongside a public road. Tenants along Overbury Road have issues with heavy traffic and cars traveling at speed around the corner near Milk café.

Proposed Idea

To reduce the level of traffic and speed of traffic on Overbury Road, the proposed idea is to apply for a change of use and make it into a one-way road. Taking over a number of the current car parking bays for parklets and bin storage.

  1. Change Overbury Road into a one-way street
  2. Add a buffer zone at the north end of the street using a raised table to slow traffic
  3. Broadening the pavement to allow a more formalised version of existing seating alongside
  4. Add parklets and bin storage to some of the current parking bays
  5. Broaden the pavement to the side of Catwalk Place entrance to accommodate bike storage
  6. Trees & greenery down the street through planting within parklets

    The timeline for this project is c.12-18 months due to consultation with Highways, tenants and local businesses. A parklet prototype has been created and is temporarily housed outside ExFed for comment.

Supporting Imagery


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