New Studio Space

2 Overbury Yard

Based on previous conversations with tenants living in Harringay Warehouse District, access to local and affordable studio space is seen as a priority.

New River Studios and Eade Road Studios currently provide space at affordable rates. Since opening in 2019/2020 Eade Road Studios is now fully occupied and space is once again limited. 

2 Overbury Yard proposal aims to create new work-only studio space utilising upcycled shipping containers. The planning team are working with Container City who have been working with shipping containers since 1998.

Affordability is a priority and all current leases are offered on a month-by-month basis, they can be sublet if need be for gaps in working and they are priced by comparing to local providers.

The planning team are keen to read your comments about the proposal for more affordable studio space and whether the proposed design meets your local needs.

Workshop Studio Space
The proposed arrangement would create 16 x studio workshops, all with access to natural daylight. Toilet and kitchen facilities are included. Internally they’ll be fitted out.

Upcycled Shipping Containers
Modified shipping containers are a fast solution to an immediate problem. They can be installed in a matter of days and, from a sustainability perspective, they have a low embodied carbon and are less destructive than building from scratch. 

Design, Look + Feel
The current proposal takes a neutral approach utilising a standard pallet for shipping containers. The layout creates space to store the Getir bikes and creates a natural courtyard. The proposal has a ground and first floor, without distributing the right to light to Stone House.

Supporting Imagery



Feedback period has now ended.