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Warehouse Sharing Schemes / ZipCar

The close proximity of like minded neighbours living in Harringay Warehouse District often means informal sharing arrangements are in place. It’s not unusual to swap tools, furniture, even the odd pot and pan from a warehouse neighbour. 

The planning team are keen to know whether there is interest in developing more formal schemes that share resources more collectively.

What resources could be better shared between warehouse units? Add your ideas in the form below.

ZipCar – Car / Van Sharing
First raised as a discussion topic in a Meet Up of warehouse tenants in 2019. The idea of counteracting the loss of some car parking space with the addition vehicle sharing options received a warm response.

The team are still in discussion with Haringey council, who are looking at sites for a potential ZipCar scheme.

If you like the sound of this idea, please do share a comment or raise a question in the form below.