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bottom entrance of steps on Tewkesbury Road leading to seven sisters road

Seven Sisters / Tewkesbury Road Steps

The steps in the alleyway that connect Seven Sisters Road to Tewkesbury Road has a collection of unflattering nicknames.

During September 2021 a survey was conducted on this website. In total 97 people shared their thoughts, likes and dislikes about the Alleyway. Here are the results and the plan of action for the area.

Mix of Users
37% of people surveyed use the steps daily, 16% several times a day and 27% weekly. The rest used them less frequently or never for various reasons.

How they felt about the steps
35% of people felt uncomfortable about using the steps, 44% felt its was a useful cut through but not the nicest environment and 18% felt the steps were fine as they are.

Safety Concerns
98% had a safety concern. A significant amount of people directly referenced muggings, intimidation, indecent behaviour and crime. Other safety issues related to hygiene, toxic exhaust fumes and poor visibility at both ends. 

What people liked
The street art culture in and around the steps was a constant, with many asking for it to be preserved or expanded. Many also referenced its convenience as a short cut to Seven Sisters Road.

What people wanted changed
This is broadly summarised as better lighting, more visibility and cleaned more often. Some people suggested CCTV, others talked about putting pressure on the businesses in Tewkesbury Road and some wanted the crime / drug dealing removed. Finding a way to make the steps accessible for wheelchair users was highlighted, alongside suggestions of making them wider.


Response to Feedback

The planning team have shared the following comments based on the feedback received. As Haringey Council own the steps, there are some limitations as to what can be achieved:

As council tax payers, all residents can put pressure on the council. The planning team are also making representations to the council based on the feedback provided.

In particular, the following items are things that the council should be addressing:

  • Street cleaning
  • Crime
  • Idle cars / vans 
  • Bins / rubbish

In the short / medium term, the planning team are keen to find aspects of the alleyway that can be improved without requiring the lengthy process of full planning permission. In particular they are looking at:

  • Cutting back some of the tress and bushes that overhang the wall
  • Clearing all litter and rubbish on the other side of the fence
  • Repairing parts of the fence 
  • Adding mirrors to each end of the alleyway
  • Adding a light installation to improve visibility (commissioned by a local warehouse tenant/s)
  • Adding a mural to the the top half of the steps (commissioned by a local warehouse tenant/s)

It is hoped that these improvements will be fairly immediate.

There are some inherent problems with the steps – from accessibility to visibility. The team heard a lot of feedback and suggestions from the survey which cannot be achieved quickly.

As part of a wider discussion about Cara House Yard, the team are looking at ways of opening up the steps and properly addressing accessibility issues raised. There are no firm plans for the area yet. Tenants will be kept updated via HWD Comment. 

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