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Defining Space:
Private Communal, Communal, Public

It is sometimes hard, even for other tenants, to distinguish between the informal boundaries that warehouse tenants erect between units. The outdoor spaces in front of each unit rarely ‘belong’ to the unit. Over time corners have been occupied and some great spaces have been created. 

To better understand how tenants view space around the warehouse district, the team have developed three terms that they’re using to understand these informal arrangements. 

Private Communal
The working definition of ‘private communal’ is areas of outdoor space that are attributed to a particular warehouse or cluster of warehouses. It’s deemed private, because it is implied that this space is only for the use of the associated warehouses.

In contrast to the above, communal is outdoor space that is free for any warehouse tenant to use. Use of the space could include socialising, making items or hosting events for other tenants.

Key parts of the warehouse district are open and accessible by the general public. Also, some areas within gates are used for public events when permission has been granted, 

The team are keen to know:

  1. How you differentiate between the three types of space – Private Communal, Communal, Public?
  2. Do you use any other ways of describing the different outdoor spaces?
  3. Have you had any problems with other tenants claiming ownership of a space?
  4. What could help improve the boundaries of outdoor space?
  5. Would you like to see more clarification of outdoor space – maybe including more support to keep ‘Private Communal’ areas private from others?

This topic is being discussed at the next ‘Meet Up’ on 20 July – register to attend.

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