photo of warehouse bins on Overbury Road

Communal Bins

Changeover to communal bins on Overbury Road

Your bins are changing.

All residents on Overbury Road, Tewkesbury Road, Button Factory, Ribbon Factory, Cardigan House and Cotton Mill will be changing to a new structure of allocated communal bins. 

This is a major change in how waste and recycling is collected for warehouse residents living on or alongside Overbury Road.

As of Monday 24 January 2022, a new structure of allocated communal bins will be introduced. 

This will improve the waste situation by increasing the capacity and frequency of collection (weekly). All bins are lockable which will reduce fly tipping and mess caused by bin diving. 

To make the transition work the following changes need to be noted:

  1. Only use the Eurobins – any other bin put out will be considered fly tipping and liable for a fine by Haringey Council.
  2. Allocated cluster of bins – please only use your allocated bins so that the waste team can review whether enough bins are allocated.
  3. Recycling – there are separate bins for recycling. Please avoid getting the bins contaminated with non-recyclable waste.

On Monday morning the Provewell Team will be around to answer questions and deliver a bin key to every unit. 

For full details about your new bin allocation visit: 

New Bin Allocation

Overbury Road communal bin layout

If you have any problems during the transition or afterwards, your contact for the warehouse district is:
Jon Hughes (Provewell)