Bulky Waste Items

From time to time tenants have bulky items that will not be collected by the council waste collection provision.

It is also sometimes difficult to distinguish between items being stored by tenants outside of units and items that are waiting to be removed / recycled.  This has caused tensions in the past when items wanting to be retained by tenants have been removed as waste.

  • Tenants may struggle to dispose of bulky items
  • Piles of bulky waste can cause problems for access
  • Not always clear what is being retained and what is waste

Proposed Idea

Monthly collection of bulky waste items from designated drop-off sites around HWD. The cost of the service would be provided by Provewell. Tenants would need to place items out for collection.

  • Designated areas to be identified and discussed
  • Proposed frequency – monthly. Exact frequency to be discussed
  • Find out if there is sufficient interest from tenants and commitment to using the service to keep access areas clear

Feedback period has now ended.