Steering Group Session 3 – 29th October 2019

Back in 2019, Chris & Jennifer created a Steering Group of HWD tenants to help inform the work they were doing in response to the Local Plan framework. Over a period of four months, they met with the Steering Group.

Here is what happened in the third session:

Purpose: To discuss

  1. Refuse solutions: approaches and ideas to manage the current waste issues
  2. Car parking
  3. Cycle parking
  4. Improving security and safety in the district

Key feedback:

Refuse Solutions

  • Residents welcomed the idea of bin stores which could contribute to the overall streetscene i.e. with green roofs.
  • It was raised that along Overbury Road and Tewkesbury Road people from outside the warehouse district use the bins, as they are left out on the street. This increase in volume of waste often contributes to the overflowing bins here.
  • Fly tipping was raised as a key issue, particularly on Tewkesbury/Overbury Road.

Car Parking

  • Residents expressed that Overbury Road can be at full capacity with parking during the evenings and weekends. It was stated that residents would prefer to retain the existing level of parking provision here.
  • It was felt that the previous parking management was too intrusive, but if the residents had the opportunity to, for example, issue their own tickets this would be preferred.
  • It was raised that some residents park vans that are only used a couple of times per year in the courtyard. This blocks up space unnecessarily and it would be preferable if they had somewhere else to park.
  • Motorbike safety was raised as a concern. Residents would like to see the opportunity to lock their bikes to metal rings, for example, to improve the safety.
  • Residents welcomed the idea of a shared vehicle. It was suggested that the preferred option would probably be a van and a car as opposed to solely cars.
  • Cycle Parking
  • It was felt that if secure bike shelters that provided protection from the elements, people would be more likely to use them.


  • The residents fed back that both routes (Netherton Road and the alleyway) from Seven Sisters Road to Overbury Road felt unsafe in the dark. A new, safer route would be welcomed.
  • The potential direct link between Eade and Overbury Road was embraced as a concept. This would allow residents to move through the site rather then having to take less desirable routes around the site.
  • Residents who attended the event weren’t completely opposed to having security cameras, however the felt that an open line of communication was required with where and when these would be installed.

Next Steps:

  • Residents felt that when an outline solution for the issues raised are in place, the discussion should be opened up to the wider community.

Residents agreed with the proposals to have a permanent presence on site to allow all members of the community to feel like they have had a chance to voice their opinions.