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Steering Group Session 2 – 24th September 2019

Back in 2019, Chris & Jennifer created a Steering Group of HWD tenants to help inform the work they were doing in response to the Local Plan framework. Over a period of four months, they met with the Steering Group.

Here is what happened in the second session:


  • To present the initial thinking around what is working and not working well on each of the sites.
  • To present a suggested concept to improving the area in terms of movement, frontage and links.
  • To present modular construction as a method for developing new warehouse living typology

Key feedback:

General Issues

  • Uplift in rent is a key concern for residents.
  • The waste storage/pick up problem has reached a critical point
  • The management of some warehouses is a problem when the leaseholders do not live in.
  • More control over tenancies is required – people who are catalysts for antisocial behaviour move in and other residents have to live with them for months before their tenancies run out.

Overbury Road: Response to Analysis

  • It is a positive thing that there is no access to the open space to the south of Overbury Road. Residents expressed the wish to retain this protected natural area and felt that public access would compromise this space.
  • Tewkesbury Road warehouses feel very segregated – no one has much interaction with these residents or are aware who lives there.
  • Cycle parking isn’t felt to be secure and access isn’t being granted by people who have the access codes.
  • If cars parked along Eade Road this would help with traffic calming measures.
  • Vehicles parked up the slope near cafe is a major problem for waste collection.

There is a desire to host an electric vehicle scheme

  • The active parking management that was previously implemented did not work.

Response to the Overbury Concept Plan:

  • Divided opinion over gates – safety is a big concern.
  • The area to the rear of 2 Overbury Road needs to be really open and well-overlooked, if it’s opened up as a through route. At the moment this is viewed as an unsafe and undesirable dead end due to the step level change.
  • Any increase of footfall along Overbury Road would be a positive change.
  • Residents expressed a preference for unallocated ground floor spaces rather than a prescribed use. Ensure these spaces are big enough for all types of activities – wellbeing, performances etc. K5 has been a success in this regard. A big, open, clean space is required.
  • There is a desire to retain café currently on 2 Overbury Road.
  • Cara House and its residents currently feels very disconnected – it should face more towards the warehouse district.
  • It is important to create spaces that attract people who want to bring something positive to the community.
  • Unit M had a big backlash – not enough communication with the community.

Arena Design Centre: Analysis response:

  • At present the car parking within the central courtyard isn’t a big issue for the residents. The cars are successfully moved out when there is an event taking place.

Response to how the session was structured:

  • Going forward it would be helpful to split immediate (bins, parking, bikes & security) and longer-term issues (building development) as well as different meetings for Arena and Overbury/Eade Road.
  • Residents highlighted that if public realm improvements were made first, the residents would gain trust in the process.
  • Residents proposed to have their own meeting to get their thoughts together on immediate issues and their preferred response.