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Meet Up 20 July 2021

A very hot evening in July, around 22 people sat on the roof terrace of Eade Road Studios. A mixed audience with tenants from ExFed, Stonehouse, Catwalk Place, Unit C-E, Overbury Road, Tewkesbury Road and Cardigan House.

The main topic of discussions was around recent posts on defining space, features for outdoor areas and on potential sharing schemes that could add value to the area. Along with topics raised by people attending.

Facilitated by James, the Meet Up was full of diverse opinion, interesting ideas and some practical proposals to the questions posed.

Ruth and John from the planning team also attended to hear what people had to say, both noting that the session flipped some assumptions and confirmed the importance of others.

The Meet Ups are going to continue monthly. A suggested structure will be shared in advance, however any topic can be added by people registering for the Meet Up. 

A full write up of the event will be published here at


Key feedback:

Outdoor Parties

  • Some tenants noted an increase in the frequency and scale of outdoor parties across the warehouses.
  • The opportunity to host adhoc events is seen as a positive of the area
  • The concern is when a party started with good intention gets taken over and runs through the night.
  • The unwritten consensus is that people hosting events should distribute numbers to neighbours in advance and outdoor gatherings should stop or go inside around midnight. 

Outdoor Space

  • Units with access to outdoor areas are highly valued, with tenants putting a lot of time and money into maintaining them.
  • There was general agreement that all units should have their own ‘Private Communal’ plot near their unit. 
  • Some land grabs have been made as different lease holders / tenants arrive which has disrupted areas used previously by tenants.


  • There was divided opinion about whether less car parking space should be available to allow more green / congregating space between the warehouses.
  • A car space is seen by some as necessarily for work / lifestyle. Some tenants have given up trying to park on site and instead park elsewhere.
  • Others felt a reduction in cars would be an advantage to the area.

Features for Outdoor Space

  • Improved signage and maps of the area to improve delivery was seen as a better solution to parcel storage which might attract crime.
  • Bins need better containing / positioning for more outdoor congregating to work.
  • Communal composting, improved bio diversity of the area (reduction of cars and concrete) and recycling rainwater were also discussed.
  • Making the area more sustainable / climate focused was a fairly universal priority.

Sharing Schemes

  • The idea of car / van sharing schemes was welcomed, both formal Zip Car schemes or renting out existing vehicles. Concerns about affordability was highlighted.
  • Bulk buying items like compost was mentioned. Other items could be included.


  • Some people continue to feel unsafe around Tewkesbury Road, Overbury Road and users of the steps to Seven Sisters Rd.
  • Generally agreed the issue was contained to these areas in particular.
  • Most people were keen not to see security guards used to address the issue.
  • A change from key codes to fobs would make access to units easier (especially at night).
  • Discussed possibility of adding Parklets to Tewkesbury Road to stop vans parking heavily in the area.
  • Discussed a community meeting with the local businesses to increase awareness / seek possible support.
  • Suggestions of improved lighting were made.