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Overbury Road Bin Meeting - 26 October 2021

Agreeing plans for Eurobin switch on Overbury Road

A mix of residents from Overbury Road, Tewkesbury Road, Cutting Rooms and Cotton Mill attended the meeting. Along with others interested in hearing the update.

Update from Ruth
Ruth shared some information giving the context of why the bin change over has taken time to agree with Haringey Council & Veolia. She also explained that this change over is an interim measure until the wider Parklet planning application is agreed, which will allow bins to be stored on the street instead of pavements. Link to the presentation below.

The meeting included discussions about the key system, where bins will be located and food waste. It was agreed that a single document available to all residents in due course.

Resident Ideas on Communication
The second part of the meeting focused on discussions about explaining the change to residents. Most people agreed that they would help by speaking to their neighbours – agreeing that word of mouth was the best method. To support this activity HWD Comment will create a single document that explains everything (why, what, how and when). All residents will receive a letter about the changes and Maria, from Tewkesbury Road, has volunteered to coordinate a clear out of all bulky items with other tenants over the next couple of weeks. 

What Happens Next
The change over is expected to happen in November. A few things need to happen before a specific date is confirmed:

  1. Ruth is finalising the allocation of bins with various people in the warehouse district
  2. The planning team then have a meeting with Haringey Council & Veolia to confirm the change-over date
  3. All residents will then receive detailed information about the change in advance of the change-over date

Why Eurobins
Eurobins are more commonly used as commercial waste bins – they have an increased capacity more reflective of the waste volumes for multiple occupancy warehouse units. They also have the benefit of being lockable and will be collected weekly. Both waste and recycling bins will change to Eurobins. Food waste bins will be introduced later.

What are the Council Conditions

  1. Eurobins will be arranged into 5 x clusters along Overbury Road (each units will be allocated to a cluster of bins)
  2. Until the van situation is resolved, Tewkesbury Road bins will be on the corner of  Overbury Road
  3. No other bins type of bin can be put out for collection (this will be counted as flytipping)
  4. All existing resident bulky waste needs to be cleared before the change over  

Other Changes from Haringey Council
Haringey Council have said they will also involve other departments as follows:

  1. Parking Enforcement will look at addressing the illegally parked vehicles on Tewkesbury Road
  2. Enforcement are considering using mobile CCTV camera to help identify/deter flytippers
  3. Highways will unblock the gulley at the corner of Tewkesbury / Overbury Road by adding it to the gully clearance programme
  4. Waste / Veolia will carry out a sweep of the road whereby all bulky items such as pallets, dumped furniture and white goods will be cleared (this does not include resident planters / pallet furniture).

This first change is focused on bins located on Overbury / Tewkesbury Road. Conversations about waste management across the wider warehouse district are also taking place and the team hope to have an update by the end of November on further improvements. 

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