Meet Up 28 September 2021

A mixed group of residents from Stonehouse, ExFed, Units C-E, Overbury Road, Tewkesbury Rd, Catwalk Place and Cardigan House attended this Meet Up.

The session included an update from Ruth about what had been done since the last meeting. Judith gave a presentation on The Climate Crisis and Harringay Warehouse District

Tenant Comment / Discussion Notes:

A group of residents, who had met independently since the previous Meet Up, shared observations and suggestions. Their key observations related to how the consultation was being conducted (questioning whether the planning team were listening to the feedback), about the pace of aspects progressing to planning stage and asking if all aspects should be shared with everyone in the area or just the stakeholders affected.

They suggested the area had historically grown organically and proposed a different structure for the organisation of the developments – opting instead for a bottom-up, tenant led approach that would utilise the wider planning team to facilitate tenant priorities for the area, utilising a structure of tenant-led area representatives.

These points, along with all others, will be raised with the planning team before a response is shared.

Facilitated by Judith – asking What do you value the most? and What have I missed?

Tenants shared comments about:

  • Thermal mass of warehouses – leaking heat in the winter + overheating in the summer
  • Support for the idea of solar panels
  • Interest in a rooted vertical planting if maintained (similar to Florentina Clothing Village)
  • Explored idea of a community compost bin
  • People liked Judith’s outline of Stewardship Fund for more organised ecological projects
  • Rain  gardens were discussed as a way of managing surface water runoff and providing green space
  • Pest control was raised as an area of concern
  • Some experienced poor ventilation, mould and flooding
  • Support for additional cycle storage but needs to be secure and discrete

Ruth facilitated this group.

Tentants discussed:

  • Increasing the involvement of warehouse tenants in the design of aspects
  • Observed the approach of publishing plans and hosting Meet Ups was useful for tenants to make comments
  • Some suggested the high turnover of tenants means it is difficult to make new people aware of the plans
  • Thanks was given to Ruth for support she gave residents with the environmental notice 
  • Suggestion to include some tenants in the procurement process and whether other feedback could be collected (i.e. voting, tenant panels etc.)
  • Ruth reinforced the importance of all aspects needing to be sturdy and durable

Facilitated by John and James.

Tenants discussed:

  • Replicating the ‘Free Shop’ as part of the change in the bins. Creating a designated area for people to know they can take an item or upcycle something. It was suggested this could be accessed by people outside of the warehouses as well.
  • Discussion around Eade Car Park – lack of a decent surface, no lines for spaces. The bollard system was seen as improving the situation, but more could be done.
  • A discussion on fairness of car park allocation was had and disabled access / parents were two of the priority groups explored.
  • Suggested that more information on the timeline of aspects would be useful (i.e. when is planning applications being made etc.).
  • Explored idea of creating a skills list for local people to express interest in being involved with the developments.

Updates from Ruth:

  1. The recent environmental notices served on residents on Overbury Road has increased Haringey Council’s commitment to support the switch to Eurobins (something the team have been pushing for since June).
  2. Through pro-bono support, Ruth was able to help get the environmental notices stopped (noted that several residents appreciated this support).
  3. Bin allocation plan has been discussed with Ellis and Alay (Catwalk Place) and space for large waste will be included.
  4. Proposal for Overbury Yard and an Eade Studios / Eade Road Frontage have been submitted for Planning. (The Archway will be further consulted on, before a final decision is made. See update).
  5. Tewkbesury Rd co-design workshop is set to happen shortly and designs will be shared online.
  6. ‘Piss Alley’ call out for mural artists and lighting designers is live for warehouse tenants (deadline 10 Oct).

Presentation from Judith:

Judith is leading a sustainability study into Provewell’s warehouse estates. The approach will utilise various policies from Haringey’s Net Zero Carbon 2030 target to The London Plan and other national policy. She raised some of the challenges in the area from a high urban heat island to drainage issues, and the need to connect into existing green space and ecological areas such as the New River and Railway alongside Arena. 

During the breakout groups she asked – what do you value the most and what have I missed?

View this link to see Judith’s presentation