2019 Steering Group Meet Ups

Back in 2019, Chris & Jennifer created a Steering Group of HWD tenants to help inform the work they were doing in response to the Local Plan framework. Over a period of four months, they met with the Steering Group.

This steering group was created by an open call out to current tenants, aiming to represent the different location areas of Harringay Warehouse District.

The purpose of the events was:

  • To gain insight into what the residents would like to see within the district in the future and how they feel it could be improved
  • To gain feedback on how the team have translated this information into design proposals
  • To allow the residents to provide valuable advice on wider consultation / communication

Key themes for each of the sessions were identified to guide the conversation in a constructive and progressive manner.

Session 1 – 27th August 2019

Introductions, issues and opportunities, including site wide, building specific and management & maintenance arrangements. View all comments>>

Session 2 – 24th September 2019

A response to Session 1 including, site wide framework analysis, working towards a site specific brief and consideration of future management and maintenance arrangements. View all comments>>

Session 3 – 29th October 2019

A focused session on the public realm and management and maintenance, including bins, bikes, parking and security. View all comments>>

Session 4 – 26th November

A presentation of the emerging proposals for the early sites – including the Seven Sisters and Eade Road site, and 2 Overbury Road site. General feedback included:

  • The steering group wanted the day to day operation of issues such as waste, security and parking to work better and for this to be prioritised before considering other change.
  • The group discussed their pride and enjoyment in the community and a sense of identity with the warehouse district.
  • They felt that the community wanted to feel a sense of ownership of the district, and this included building good communication between the consultant team, landowner and the residents.
  • The steering group were, on the whole, optimistic about improving the area and as part of this, developing new facilities and new warehouse living accommodation.
  • The community were keen to improve links with the wider community.