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Meet Up Notes from 26 October 2021

Meet Up 26 October 2021

A mixed group of residents from Arena, Stonehouse, ExFed, Units C-E, Overbury Road, Tewkesbury Rd, Catwalk Place and Cardigan House attended this Meet Up.

A packed agenda, the session included presentations from residents Rae (Overbury Road) and Natali (Arena), alongside updates from the planning team Ruth, Jennifer and Will. James facilitated the Meet Up.

Resident Presentations

Rae has been selected to lead on the mural design for the alleyway that connects Tewkesbury Road to Seven Sisters Road, known locally as P**s Alley. Rae outlined that they work as a collective with other artists. They are already speaking to people in the area about the mural and will look to work with 2 or 3 other artists on the project. The commission is in the process of being confirmed and more details will be shared in due course.

Natali from Arena shared a presentation on a project that she and a group of other warehouse residents ran over the summer. The Arena Community Garden was a self-funded, voluntary project that occupied an open area of the site. The presentation can be viewed here.

Planning Team Updates

Ruth shared updates on progress with the Overbury Road bins following an earlier meeting with residents, she updated on plans around the mural commission and clarified key points relating to the Eade Road Frontage planning application.

Jennifer shared more details about the planning policy in the context of the warehouse district, explaining why a coordinated approach to developing the area was required.

Will broadly presented the rationale and approach to refurbishing warehouse units. In particular the first site is Unit M in Arena which has previously been condemned by the council. 

Discussions & Actions

A lot of residents had questions about the Unit M project. It has since been agreed that later in November, Will and James will be visiting residents in Arena to talk through the plans in more detail. The plans will also be published on this website for people to comment. 

In response to comments from residents the planning team have contacted the Haringey planning case officer and requested that the statutory consultation period in relation to the two planning applications (Entrances and Overbury Road commercial units) be extended for an additional 21 day period to enable a series of more focussed discussions in relation to the detail of each of the proposals to be discussed.


Overbury Road Bin Meeting Notes

Overbury Road Bin Meeting - 26 October 2021

Agreeing plans for Eurobin switch on Overbury Road

A mix of residents from Overbury Road, Tewkesbury Road, Cutting Rooms and Cotton Mill attended the meeting. Along with others interested in hearing the update.

Update from Ruth
Ruth shared some information giving the context of why the bin change over has taken time to agree with Haringey Council & Veolia. She also explained that this change over is an interim measure until the wider Parklet planning application is agreed, which will allow bins to be stored on the street instead of pavements. Link to the presentation below.

The meeting included discussions about the key system, where bins will be located and food waste. It was agreed that a single document available to all residents in due course.

Resident Ideas on Communication
The second part of the meeting focused on discussions about explaining the change to residents. Most people agreed that they would help by speaking to their neighbours – agreeing that word of mouth was the best method. To support this activity HWD Comment will create a single document that explains everything (why, what, how and when). All residents will receive a letter about the changes and Maria, from Tewkesbury Road, has volunteered to coordinate a clear out of all bulky items with other tenants over the next couple of weeks. 

What Happens Next
The change over is expected to happen in November. A few things need to happen before a specific date is confirmed:

  1. Ruth is finalising the allocation of bins with various people in the warehouse district
  2. The planning team then have a meeting with Haringey Council & Veolia to confirm the change-over date
  3. All residents will then receive detailed information about the change in advance of the change-over date

Why Eurobins
Eurobins are more commonly used as commercial waste bins – they have an increased capacity more reflective of the waste volumes for multiple occupancy warehouse units. They also have the benefit of being lockable and will be collected weekly. Both waste and recycling bins will change to Eurobins. Food waste bins will be introduced later.

What are the Council Conditions

  1. Eurobins will be arranged into 5 x clusters along Overbury Road (each units will be allocated to a cluster of bins)
  2. Until the van situation is resolved, Tewkesbury Road bins will be on the corner of  Overbury Road
  3. No other bins type of bin can be put out for collection (this will be counted as flytipping)
  4. All existing resident bulky waste needs to be cleared before the change over  

Other Changes from Haringey Council
Haringey Council have said they will also involve other departments as follows:

  1. Parking Enforcement will look at addressing the illegally parked vehicles on Tewkesbury Road
  2. Enforcement are considering using mobile CCTV camera to help identify/deter flytippers
  3. Highways will unblock the gulley at the corner of Tewkesbury / Overbury Road by adding it to the gully clearance programme
  4. Waste / Veolia will carry out a sweep of the road whereby all bulky items such as pallets, dumped furniture and white goods will be cleared (this does not include resident planters / pallet furniture).

This first change is focused on bins located on Overbury / Tewkesbury Road. Conversations about waste management across the wider warehouse district are also taking place and the team hope to have an update by the end of November on further improvements. 

Supporting Imagery



Meet Up 28 September 2021

Meet Up 28 September 2021

A mixed group of residents from Stonehouse, ExFed, Units C-E, Overbury Road, Tewkesbury Rd, Catwalk Place and Cardigan House attended this Meet Up.

The session included an update from Ruth about what had been done since the last meeting. Judith gave a presentation on The Climate Crisis and Harringay Warehouse District

Tenant Comment / Discussion Notes:

A group of residents, who had met independently since the previous Meet Up, shared observations and suggestions. Their key observations related to how the consultation was being conducted (questioning whether the planning team were listening to the feedback), about the pace of aspects progressing to planning stage and asking if all aspects should be shared with everyone in the area or just the stakeholders affected.

They suggested the area had historically grown organically and proposed a different structure for the organisation of the developments – opting instead for a bottom-up, tenant led approach that would utilise the wider planning team to facilitate tenant priorities for the area, utilising a structure of tenant-led area representatives.

These points, along with all others, will be raised with the planning team before a response is shared.

Facilitated by Judith – asking What do you value the most? and What have I missed?

Tenants shared comments about:

  • Thermal mass of warehouses – leaking heat in the winter + overheating in the summer
  • Support for the idea of solar panels
  • Interest in a rooted vertical planting if maintained (similar to Florentina Clothing Village)
  • Explored idea of a community compost bin
  • People liked Judith’s outline of Stewardship Fund for more organised ecological projects
  • Rain  gardens were discussed as a way of managing surface water runoff and providing green space
  • Pest control was raised as an area of concern
  • Some experienced poor ventilation, mould and flooding
  • Support for additional cycle storage but needs to be secure and discrete

Ruth facilitated this group.

Tentants discussed:

  • Increasing the involvement of warehouse tenants in the design of aspects
  • Observed the approach of publishing plans and hosting Meet Ups was useful for tenants to make comments
  • Some suggested the high turnover of tenants means it is difficult to make new people aware of the plans
  • Thanks was given to Ruth for support she gave residents with the environmental notice 
  • Suggestion to include some tenants in the procurement process and whether other feedback could be collected (i.e. voting, tenant panels etc.)
  • Ruth reinforced the importance of all aspects needing to be sturdy and durable

Facilitated by John and James.

Tenants discussed:

  • Replicating the ‘Free Shop’ as part of the change in the bins. Creating a designated area for people to know they can take an item or upcycle something. It was suggested this could be accessed by people outside of the warehouses as well.
  • Discussion around Eade Car Park – lack of a decent surface, no lines for spaces. The bollard system was seen as improving the situation, but more could be done.
  • A discussion on fairness of car park allocation was had and disabled access / parents were two of the priority groups explored.
  • Suggested that more information on the timeline of aspects would be useful (i.e. when is planning applications being made etc.).
  • Explored idea of creating a skills list for local people to express interest in being involved with the developments.

Updates from Ruth:

  1. The recent environmental notices served on residents on Overbury Road has increased Haringey Council’s commitment to support the switch to Eurobins (something the team have been pushing for since June).
  2. Through pro-bono support, Ruth was able to help get the environmental notices stopped (noted that several residents appreciated this support).
  3. Bin allocation plan has been discussed with Ellis and Alay (Catwalk Place) and space for large waste will be included.
  4. Proposal for Overbury Yard and an Eade Studios / Eade Road Frontage have been submitted for Planning. (The Archway will be further consulted on, before a final decision is made. See update).
  5. Tewkbesury Rd co-design workshop is set to happen shortly and designs will be shared online.
  6. ‘Piss Alley’ call out for mural artists and lighting designers is live for warehouse tenants (deadline 10 Oct).

Presentation from Judith:

Judith is leading a sustainability study into Provewell’s warehouse estates. The approach will utilise various policies from Haringey’s Net Zero Carbon 2030 target to The London Plan and other national policy. She raised some of the challenges in the area from a high urban heat island to drainage issues, and the need to connect into existing green space and ecological areas such as the New River and Railway alongside Arena. 

During the breakout groups she asked – what do you value the most and what have I missed?

View this link to see Judith’s presentation

Meet Up 14 August 2021

Meet Up 14 August 2021

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, a group of 14 tenants from Stone House, Cotton Mill and Overbury Road met up for a picnic. Thanks to London Vegan Platter Co. for the vegan picnic.

Unlike previous Meet Ups, this session was solely run by James, without members of the planning team. This meant a lot of the discussion focused on questions people wanted to ask; from fears of big rent hikes to rumours of evictions. The group suggested a clearer statement be shared that addresses these questions specifically (view the Update). 

The wider discussion then explored tensions with neighbouring properties (non-warehouse properties) and ideas for connecting with the immediate community living and working on the fringes of the warehouse district. 

The session also included updates on previous meetings. For example, at the July Meet Up, people attending reacted strongly with opposition to the idea of having Security Guards in the area. This information was fed back to Provewell and the security guards that had been contracted were stopped.

Co-Designing Workshop

Following the interest in creating a soft definition between the Tewkesbury Road Open Space (the Green) and the rear of Overbury Road units, the planning team will be holding a co-design workshop to explore ideas. Open to anyone living in the units or with an interest in design.

To register your interest visit the event page (link below)

Security Guards
James updated that the security guards have been stopped based on feedback at the previous Meet Up.

  1. All agreed that a different sort of ‘Caretaker’ role would more appropriate for the area.
  2. Focused more on getting to know people and engaging with the problems rather than the heavy handed approach of Security Guards
  3. A ‘Terry’ character (for those who remember him)

Omega Works development 
In light of the Omega Works development people wanted to know what it meant for Provewell tenants

  1. Discussed the significant differences and Provewell’s motivations behind the ideas proposed
  2. Agreed to publish an update via Provewell clarifying all points raised

Tewkesbury Road Open Space (The Green)

  1. Discussed how to improve the outdoor areas of Overbury units co-exist better with general park users
  2. All agreed some sort of soft definition would benefit them – planters, benches or similar. Some  shared that people sometimes walk right up to the warehouses as they do not see a definition of space.
  3. People suggested the doors could be changed to make it more obvious that the properties are homes (some felt the existing doors looked a bit misleading).
  4. Agreed to look at a way of designing / improving the rear of the units.

Warehouse Neighbours
How to improve relations with people living nearby.

  1. The group suggested there are often more problems when a warehouse unit doesn’t have an appointed ‘House Manager’ or similar. This can lead to a high turnover of tenants and less understanding of what it means to live in the area – leading to behaviour that causes complaints.
  2. Most agreed that getting to know neighbours personally should be a priority – letting them know if something is planned or inviting them along.
  3. A lot of suggestions were made to try and change an ‘Us & Them’ perception – inc. more publicity about events in the warehouses to local neighbours, doing activities with neighbours like five-a-side or yoga which happens on the green. Someone referenced a Zine project run elsewhere that shared illustrations and interviews of people living nearby. 
  4. Agreed to encourage people to consider neighbours when creating events. As well as explore additional ways to increase publicity and engagement with neighbours.

Meet Up 20 July 2021

Meet Up 20 July 2021

A very hot evening in July, around 22 people sat on the roof terrace of Eade Road Studios. A mixed audience with tenants from ExFed, Stonehouse, Catwalk Place, Unit C-E, Overbury Road, Tewkesbury Road and Cardigan House.

The main topic of discussions was around recent posts on defining space, features for outdoor areas and on potential sharing schemes that could add value to the area. Along with topics raised by people attending.

Facilitated by James, the Meet Up was full of diverse opinion, interesting ideas and some practical proposals to the questions posed.

Ruth and John from the planning team also attended to hear what people had to say, both noting that the session flipped some assumptions and confirmed the importance of others.

The Meet Ups are going to continue monthly. A suggested structure will be shared in advance, however any topic can be added by people registering for the Meet Up. 

A full write up of the event will be published here at


Key feedback:

Outdoor Parties

  • Some tenants noted an increase in the frequency and scale of outdoor parties across the warehouses.
  • The opportunity to host adhoc events is seen as a positive of the area
  • The concern is when a party started with good intention gets taken over and runs through the night.
  • The unwritten consensus is that people hosting events should distribute numbers to neighbours in advance and outdoor gatherings should stop or go inside around midnight. 

Outdoor Space

  • Units with access to outdoor areas are highly valued, with tenants putting a lot of time and money into maintaining them.
  • There was general agreement that all units should have their own ‘Private Communal’ plot near their unit. 
  • Some land grabs have been made as different lease holders / tenants arrive which has disrupted areas used previously by tenants.


  • There was divided opinion about whether less car parking space should be available to allow more green / congregating space between the warehouses.
  • A car space is seen by some as necessarily for work / lifestyle. Some tenants have given up trying to park on site and instead park elsewhere.
  • Others felt a reduction in cars would be an advantage to the area.

Features for Outdoor Space

  • Improved signage and maps of the area to improve delivery was seen as a better solution to parcel storage which might attract crime.
  • Bins need better containing / positioning for more outdoor congregating to work.
  • Communal composting, improved bio diversity of the area (reduction of cars and concrete) and recycling rainwater were also discussed.
  • Making the area more sustainable / climate focused was a fairly universal priority.

Sharing Schemes

  • The idea of car / van sharing schemes was welcomed, both formal Zip Car schemes or renting out existing vehicles. Concerns about affordability was highlighted.
  • Bulk buying items like compost was mentioned. Other items could be included.


  • Some people continue to feel unsafe around Tewkesbury Road, Overbury Road and users of the steps to Seven Sisters Rd.
  • Generally agreed the issue was contained to these areas in particular.
  • Most people were keen not to see security guards used to address the issue.
  • A change from key codes to fobs would make access to units easier (especially at night).
  • Discussed possibility of adding Parklets to Tewkesbury Road to stop vans parking heavily in the area.
  • Discussed a community meeting with the local businesses to increase awareness / seek possible support.
  • Suggestions of improved lighting were made.

Meet Up 22 June 2021

Meet Up 22 June 2021

The first meet up was held on Thursday 22 June. Focused mainly on the aspects relating to Overbury Road, a total of seven warehouse units were represented at the meeting – along with other comments from neighbouring units.

Joining the session was Ruth, John and Chris from the Provewell team who are overseeing various aspects of the project. James facilitated the Meet Up.

The session was all about hearing how people felt about the different aspects (Bins, Parklets, Traffic and Bikes). It was interesting to test assumptions and, on some aspects, discover that what was seen as useful was in fact creating other problems and vice versa. Other topics emerged, with people raising concerns about Tewkesbury Road in particular.

The Meet Ups are going to continue monthly. A suggested structure will be shared in advance, however any topic can be added by people registering for the Meet Up. A full write up of the event will be published here at

To address the immediate issue with refuse collection, a private one-off collection was organised with Provewell to get the area back to normal. This initiative also includes agreement from Haringey Council & Veolia to restart recycling collections (see updates below).

Key Feedback

1. Bins & Recycling:

  • Dissatisfaction at the blanket policy of Veolia to not collect any recycling due to contamination
  • Confusion with correspondence between tenants and Veolia / Haringey Council
  • High levels of frustration with issues of bin collection on Overbury / Tewkesbury Road (infrequent collections, sometimes only half of the collection completed, bin spillages etc.).
  • Issues with people searching through bins for metal and creating mess on the pavements

2. Parklets

  • Concerns raised about Parklets with seating attracting anti-social behaviour / non-warehouse usage
  • Open to the idea of trialing different types of parklets (i.e. no seats, full cover etc.)
  • Welcomed the opportunity for more growing space on the street
  • Support for the expansion of pavements and using structures to hide bins within
  • Keen to see more involvement of tenants in the design of parklets / other infrastructure

3. Bike Storage

  • Observations were flagged about security concerns of having a large bank of outdoor bike storage.
  • While more bike storage is welcomed, general observations were that it would be more likely used by visitors than tenants due to security concerns

4. Traffic Calming

  • Measures to reduce speeding traffic were welcomed
  • Differing views on whether one-way change was needed / would be appreciated by frequent car users
  • Concerns over increased traffic jams raised and whether large vehicles would be able to access the street

5. Anti-Social Behaviour

  • Concerns were raised about the increasing prominence of anti-social behaviour in the area

2019 Steering Group Meet Ups

2019 Steering Group Meet Ups

Back in 2019, Chris & Jennifer created a Steering Group of HWD tenants to help inform the work they were doing in response to the Local Plan framework. Over a period of four months, they met with the Steering Group.

This steering group was created by an open call out to current tenants, aiming to represent the different location areas of Harringay Warehouse District.

The purpose of the events was:

  • To gain insight into what the residents would like to see within the district in the future and how they feel it could be improved
  • To gain feedback on how the team have translated this information into design proposals
  • To allow the residents to provide valuable advice on wider consultation / communication

Key themes for each of the sessions were identified to guide the conversation in a constructive and progressive manner.

Session 1 – 27th August 2019

Introductions, issues and opportunities, including site wide, building specific and management & maintenance arrangements. View all comments>>

Session 2 – 24th September 2019

A response to Session 1 including, site wide framework analysis, working towards a site specific brief and consideration of future management and maintenance arrangements. View all comments>>

Session 3 – 29th October 2019

A focused session on the public realm and management and maintenance, including bins, bikes, parking and security. View all comments>>

Session 4 – 26th November

A presentation of the emerging proposals for the early sites – including the Seven Sisters and Eade Road site, and 2 Overbury Road site. General feedback included:

  • The steering group wanted the day to day operation of issues such as waste, security and parking to work better and for this to be prioritised before considering other change.
  • The group discussed their pride and enjoyment in the community and a sense of identity with the warehouse district.
  • They felt that the community wanted to feel a sense of ownership of the district, and this included building good communication between the consultant team, landowner and the residents.
  • The steering group were, on the whole, optimistic about improving the area and as part of this, developing new facilities and new warehouse living accommodation.
  • The community were keen to improve links with the wider community.

Steering Group Session 1 – 27th August 2019

Steering Group Session 1 - 27th August 2019

Back in 2019, Chris & Jennifer created a Steering Group of HWD tenants to help inform the work they were doing in response to the Local Plan framework. Over a period of four months, they met with the Steering Group.

Here is what happened in the first session:

Purpose: To discuss

  1. Initial thoughts on how the warehouse community currently works
  2. What is warehouse living?
  3. What could work better?
  4. Ideas for improving the area

Key feedback:

1. Initial thoughts on how the warehouse community currently works:

  • Mixed demographics with a tendency towards those in their 20s and 30s. However, there are also families, disabled people and older residents (oldest resident is 70). There is no ‘typical’ resident.
  • The variation in existing unit sizes and bedroom sizes accommodates different peoples needs both in terms of working but also different households and ways of living.
  • There is no typical length of time people stay, some never leave and others are passing through. Some ‘grow out’ of certain aspects of Warehouse Living and move on.
  • An element of control over the space is important for residents.
  • All residents talked about the strength of the community being an enormous attraction to living in the Warehouses. People look out for each other, make friends and collaborate on their creative work. The links created remain even once residents have left.
  • Residents use technology to help build the community – Facebook page and WhatsApp groups.
  • Warehouse Living is very popular amongst the creative community.

2. What is warehouse living?

  • A place where work and living spaces are interconnected
  • Residents having a feeling of ownership and control over the spaces
  • History and volume of the warehouses gives the building character.

3. What could work better?

  • Communication between the residents and other external parties involved in the site, were sometimes closed.
  • Interaction with the wider community
  • Safety is currently a big concern.
  • Waste storage and removal is poorly managed.
  • Noise management
  • Tewkesbury Road Open Space is currently an undesirable area that could be improved and used more positively.
  • Future use of ground floor spaces could be used more constructively as flexible studio/gallery space, for example.

4. Ideas for improving the area:

  • Creative and positive installation on Overbury Road
  • Higher quality communal or public green space
  • Flexibility to customise internal and external spaces.
  • Focus on making space for the collective
  • Harness creativity

Steering Group Session 2 – 24th September 2019

Steering Group Session 2 – 24th September 2019

Back in 2019, Chris & Jennifer created a Steering Group of HWD tenants to help inform the work they were doing in response to the Local Plan framework. Over a period of four months, they met with the Steering Group.

Here is what happened in the second session:


  • To present the initial thinking around what is working and not working well on each of the sites.
  • To present a suggested concept to improving the area in terms of movement, frontage and links.
  • To present modular construction as a method for developing new warehouse living typology

Key feedback:

General Issues

  • Uplift in rent is a key concern for residents.
  • The waste storage/pick up problem has reached a critical point
  • The management of some warehouses is a problem when the leaseholders do not live in.
  • More control over tenancies is required – people who are catalysts for antisocial behaviour move in and other residents have to live with them for months before their tenancies run out.

Overbury Road: Response to Analysis

  • It is a positive thing that there is no access to the open space to the south of Overbury Road. Residents expressed the wish to retain this protected natural area and felt that public access would compromise this space.
  • Tewkesbury Road warehouses feel very segregated – no one has much interaction with these residents or are aware who lives there.
  • Cycle parking isn’t felt to be secure and access isn’t being granted by people who have the access codes.
  • If cars parked along Eade Road this would help with traffic calming measures.
  • Vehicles parked up the slope near cafe is a major problem for waste collection.

There is a desire to host an electric vehicle scheme

  • The active parking management that was previously implemented did not work.

Response to the Overbury Concept Plan:

  • Divided opinion over gates – safety is a big concern.
  • The area to the rear of 2 Overbury Road needs to be really open and well-overlooked, if it’s opened up as a through route. At the moment this is viewed as an unsafe and undesirable dead end due to the step level change.
  • Any increase of footfall along Overbury Road would be a positive change.
  • Residents expressed a preference for unallocated ground floor spaces rather than a prescribed use. Ensure these spaces are big enough for all types of activities – wellbeing, performances etc. K5 has been a success in this regard. A big, open, clean space is required.
  • There is a desire to retain café currently on 2 Overbury Road.
  • Cara House and its residents currently feels very disconnected – it should face more towards the warehouse district.
  • It is important to create spaces that attract people who want to bring something positive to the community.
  • Unit M had a big backlash – not enough communication with the community.

Arena Design Centre: Analysis response:

  • At present the car parking within the central courtyard isn’t a big issue for the residents. The cars are successfully moved out when there is an event taking place.

Response to how the session was structured:

  • Going forward it would be helpful to split immediate (bins, parking, bikes & security) and longer-term issues (building development) as well as different meetings for Arena and Overbury/Eade Road.
  • Residents highlighted that if public realm improvements were made first, the residents would gain trust in the process.
  • Residents proposed to have their own meeting to get their thoughts together on immediate issues and their preferred response.

Steering Group Session 3 – 29th October 2019

Steering Group Session 3 – 29th October 2019

Back in 2019, Chris & Jennifer created a Steering Group of HWD tenants to help inform the work they were doing in response to the Local Plan framework. Over a period of four months, they met with the Steering Group.

Here is what happened in the third session:

Purpose: To discuss

  1. Refuse solutions: approaches and ideas to manage the current waste issues
  2. Car parking
  3. Cycle parking
  4. Improving security and safety in the district

Key feedback:

Refuse Solutions

  • Residents welcomed the idea of bin stores which could contribute to the overall streetscene i.e. with green roofs.
  • It was raised that along Overbury Road and Tewkesbury Road people from outside the warehouse district use the bins, as they are left out on the street. This increase in volume of waste often contributes to the overflowing bins here.
  • Fly tipping was raised as a key issue, particularly on Tewkesbury/Overbury Road.

Car Parking

  • Residents expressed that Overbury Road can be at full capacity with parking during the evenings and weekends. It was stated that residents would prefer to retain the existing level of parking provision here.
  • It was felt that the previous parking management was too intrusive, but if the residents had the opportunity to, for example, issue their own tickets this would be preferred.
  • It was raised that some residents park vans that are only used a couple of times per year in the courtyard. This blocks up space unnecessarily and it would be preferable if they had somewhere else to park.
  • Motorbike safety was raised as a concern. Residents would like to see the opportunity to lock their bikes to metal rings, for example, to improve the safety.
  • Residents welcomed the idea of a shared vehicle. It was suggested that the preferred option would probably be a van and a car as opposed to solely cars.
  • Cycle Parking
  • It was felt that if secure bike shelters that provided protection from the elements, people would be more likely to use them.


  • The residents fed back that both routes (Netherton Road and the alleyway) from Seven Sisters Road to Overbury Road felt unsafe in the dark. A new, safer route would be welcomed.
  • The potential direct link between Eade and Overbury Road was embraced as a concept. This would allow residents to move through the site rather then having to take less desirable routes around the site.
  • Residents who attended the event weren’t completely opposed to having security cameras, however the felt that an open line of communication was required with where and when these would be installed.

Next Steps:

  • Residents felt that when an outline solution for the issues raised are in place, the discussion should be opened up to the wider community.

Residents agreed with the proposals to have a permanent presence on site to allow all members of the community to feel like they have had a chance to voice their opinions.