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Why HWD Comment


Harringay Warehouse District (HWD) is in the process of being covered by Haringey Councils’ Local Planning policy that protects warehouse living.


Provewell, the freeholder of many warehouse units in the area, want to protect warehouse living and have no intention of selling the site to external developers.


The planning policy means that aspects across the area need to be made safer, more sustainable and generally improved as a place for living and working. outlines the ideas proposed + lets you make comments + stay updated with news relating to Provewell Warehouses

Provewell Warehouses I Arena Design Centre I Cara House I Cardigan House I Catwalk Place I Cotton Mill I Eade Studios I Eade Yard I ExFed I Old Button Factory I Overbury Rd I Overbury Yard I 199 Eade Rd I New River Studios I Stone House I Tewkesbury Rd I Unit C, D & E

Aspects Live for Comment

various plants growing in a courtyard outside of warehouses

Sustainability Study

Contribute your ideas and priorities to this study. Survey runs on the website until 7 November 2021.
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Defining Space – Private Communal, Communal & Public

To better understand how tenants view space around the warehouse district, the team have developed three terms that they're using to understand these informal arrangements. 
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poster on a wall saying take sharing offline

Warehouse Sharing Schemes / ZipCar

The planning team are keen to know whether there is interest in developing more formal schemes that share resources more collectively.
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Outdoor seating

Outdoor Spaces

From makers space to communal dinning, what would you like to see added to the spaces around the warehouse district?
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Latest Updates

Key points worth noting.


The cost of development is a separate to rental income. Provewell has funds set aside for developing the area. 

There is no significant hike in rent planned to accommodate the changes proposed.


There are no plans to evict anyone to accommodate any of the developments planned. If, at some point in the future, a warehouse property is deemed unsafe or unsuitable for living, adequate notice will be given to allow tenants to find alternative accommodation in the area. Nothing would start until everyone has a new place to live.


The team are very aware that the DIY aspect is what brings the character to warehouse living and the importance it has with tenants for self-expression. All of the plans intend to accommodate rather than exclude this characteristic. Current tenants have already been involved in the design of aspects and more opportunities will follow.



The purpose of this Website, Facebook, Instagram, Newsletters and Monthly Events are to give tenants access to information, and to provide an opportunity for comment on proposed ideas.


HWD comment is run by James from West Creative Ltd. James is a former warehouse tenant (3 Overbury Road), from where he started his business in 2013.


All comments submitted will be shared with Provewell, along with all the wider team of appointed consultants. Only comments with permission to be published may be shared online.

HWD comment is a confidential platform to voice your opinion through: Comment Form Events + Email